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The end for classic poets as the GCSE syllabus goes woke.
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Too much focus on smart kids has stalled social mobility.
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UK's biggest teacher union threatens to strike over pay.
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Three pieces of policy news - by phase
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Covid impact on early years. The pandemic had affected access and provision for early years, concluding that despite the work of providers and local authorities, many children, particularly from disadvantaged and ethnic minority backgrounds, had missed out on formal provision.
More on early years. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IfS) published the latest of its Nuffield funded studies for the Deaton Review of Inequalities focusing on this occasion on early childhood development, suggesting that despite an increase in funding, significant gaps remained particularly among different socio-economic and ethnic groups leaving some children already behind when it comes to schooling.
Financial Literacy. The Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) reported on the work of its year-long inquiry into financial education in England, arguing that now more than ever financial literacy was an imperative, setting out 28 recommendations to build lifelong financial literacy, starting in primary school and running through to older age.


NEU on pay and conditions. The NEU called for ‘an inflation-plus’ pay increase and action to tackle teacher workload in an open letter to the Education Secretary indicating that a lack of action could result in a ballot for industrial action.
NASUWT on teachers’ pay. The NASUWT argued that teachers were facing a big squeeze in living standards and that members would be balloted for strike action later this year if pay demands, put at 12%, were not met.
School offers 2022/23. The government published details on the number of applications made and offers received for school places in England starting this September, showing a slight drop in the number of applications for primary places but an increase at secondary level as demographic changes move through and with an increase in the number of first choice offers made all round.


Workload survey. The University and College Union (UCU) published the results of its latest survey of staff work practices across the FE sector, with over 90% reporting an increase in workload over the last three years, a big hike in admin and staff on average said to be doing the equivalent of at least two days unpaid work a week.
Teacher recruitment. The Education and Training Foundation reported on the results of its commissioned report into teacher recruitment and training in the FE sector noting particular demand for maths, English, SEN and science teachers along with construction, engineering and healthcare and with some concerns about part-time and fixed contract roles and about early career retention.
Pay 2022/23. The AoC set out its recommended pay offer for 2022/23 proposing 2.5% for all staff with an uplift of £750 for those earning below £25,000 pa.


HE in apprenticeships. The QAA published a revised version of its publication on the characteristics and distinctive features of higher-level apprenticeships covering everything from recruitment, to programme design and delivery, to assessment.
Student loans. The Student Loans Company outlined how it was preparing for its busiest time of the year with key dates all in place and some 1.5m+ applications expected this year.
Mental health support. The government promised additional funding to help universities work more closely with the NHS and provide integrated mental health support for students through accessible local hubs.

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Latest research, reports and studies

Report: Skills for a net-zero economy - insights from employers and young people | Learning & Work Institute 
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Report: You can't say that! - What students really think of free speech on campus | HEPI 
Inequalities in early child development remained stubbornly high through the 2010s | Institute for Fiscal Studies 
Report: The impact of pay and financial incentives on teacher supply | NFER 
White paper analysis: Identifying the strong trusts in Education Investment Areas | EPI 
Children from ethnic minority and disadvantaged backgrounds missed out on early years education during the pandemic | Nuffield Foundation 
Self-improving system: A research project - an introduction | Education & Training Foundation 
Belonging part 1: The red card of exclusion | IoE 
Challenging reflexivity in the transition to embed big ideas into the teacher education curriculum | BERA 
Teacher Labour Market in Wales annual report 2022 | NFER 
Learners with SEND benefit when specialist and general colleges work together, new ETF report finds | Education & Training Foundation 
How many pupils fall below the proposed national thresholds for legal intervention due to absence? | FFT Education Datalab 
Royal National Children's Springboard Foundation evaluation report | FFT Education Datalab 
One Voice? Many Languages! The value of multilingualism in our modern world (part 1) | ASCL 
Graduate Outcomes 2019-20: Provider level | Wonkhe 
Modelling social and Emotional Learning: Promoting protective factors to support pupil wellbeing | Education Endowment Foundation 
Supporting pupils with worked examples | Education Endowment 

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Parliament and elsewhere

AELP National Conference (Monday 27 June – Tuesday 28 June).
Education Committee evidence session on children’s services (Tuesday 28 June).
LGA Annual Conference (Tuesday 28 June – Thursday 30 June).
ONS release first set of Census 2021 data on population and households with education data to follow later in the autumn (Tuesday 28 June).
Launch of Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers (Wednesday 29 June).
Institute for Government event on green skills (Wednesday 29 June).

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Tuesday, 28 June: TDT Network Annual Conference 2022    Teacher Development Trust (online event).
Tuesday 28 June: Higher Education Marketing Conference 2022 Inside Government (face-to-face event in Central Manchester).
Tuesday 28 to Wednesday 29 June: Inspiring Leadership Conference 2022 National Association of Head Teachers (face-to-face event in Birmingham).
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Three interesting daily facts

On this day in 1787 the historian Edward Gibbon completed his magnum opus, The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.
On this day in 1957 the Medical Research Council concluded that there was a causal link between smoking and lung cancer.
On this day in 2007 after ten years in office, Tony Blair resigned as prime minister.
On this day in 1838 Queen Victoria was crowned in Westminster Abbey, on the same date that in 1461 Edward IV was crowned.
On this day in 1919 the Peace Treaty between the Allies and Germany was signed in the Palace of Versailles.
On this day in 1935 president Roosevelt ordered a federal gold vault to be built at Fort Knox, Kentucky.
On this day in 1613 Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, burned down during a performance of Henry VIII.
On this day in 1871 the Trade Union Act legalised trade unions. 
On this day in 1863 George Armstrong Custer, aged 23 was appointed Union Brigadier General.
On this day in 1894 Tower Bridge in London was opened.
On this day in 1936 Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind was published.
On this day in 1997 Hong Kong reverted to Chinese Rule.
On this day in 1867 the British North America Act that created the dominion of Canada came into effect.
On this day in 1916 the first Battle of the Somme began and by the end of the heaviest day of casualties in British military history, 20,000 British soldiers were dead and 40,000 wounded.
On this day in 1969 Prince Charles was invested as Prince of Wales at Caernarfon Castle.
On this day in 1819 the Factory Act was passed, prohibiting the employment of children under nine in British textile factories and of children under 16 for more than 12 hours a day.
On this day in 1964 US president Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, banning racial discrimination.
On this day in 2002 the American adventurer Steve Fossett completed the first non-stop circumnavigation of the globe in a hot-air balloon.
On this day in 1608 the French navigator Samuel de Champlain founded and named Quebec.
On this day in 1928 in London, John Logie Baird demonstrated the first colour television transmission.
On this day in 1996, prime minister John Major announced that the Stone of Scone, an ancient symbol of Scottish kings, would be removed from Westminster Abbey and returned to Scotland after 700 years.

Awareness days from around the world


Smile Month, Step Up for 30 for Bowel Cancer, SANDS (Stillbirth and neonatal death) Awareness Month, National Candy Month, My Marathon, Age Without Apology Month. 

Pride Month, Tourettes Awareness Month, Care for Your Grandparents Month, International Mud Month, Audiobook Month.

Guitars On The Beach Month, PTSD Awareness Month, Candy Month, Soul Food Month, Great Outdoors Month, Country Cooking Month, Dairy Month, Camping Month, Iced Tea Month.
Talk To Us Month, Plastic Free July, Good Care Month, Picnic Month.
Global Enterprise Agility Month, Group B Strep Support Awareness Month, Sarcoma Awareness Month, World Watercolor Month, Plastic Free July, Picnic Month, Horseradish Month.
Ice Cream Month, Bank Account Bonus Month, Sarcoma Awareness Month, Independent Retailer Month, Cell Phone Courtesy Month.

Deafblind Awareness Week (UK: June 27 to July 03), Rabbit Awareness Week (UK), Children’s Art Week (UK: June 29 to July 19), World Wellbeing Week (International: June 27 to July 01), World Female Ranger Week (International: June 23 to June 30), Love Your Lungs Week (International: June 21 to June 27), Write a Letter Appreciation Week (US: July 01 to July 07), Clean Beaches Week (US: July 01 to July 07).

Bingo Day (UK), Industrial Workers of the World Day (International), Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Day (International), Pineapple Day (International), Sunglasses Day (US), Please Take My Children to Work Day (US), Ice Cream Cake Day (US), Orange Blossom Day (US), HIV Testing Day (US), PTSD Awareness Day (US), Helen Keller Day (US), . 

Insurance Awareness Day (UK), Tapioca Day (UK), Body Piercing Day (International), Logistics Day (US), Ceviche Day (US), Paul Bunyan Day (US), Happy Heart Hugs Day (CAN). 

Day of the Tropics (International), Mud Day (International), World Industrial Design Day (International), Camera Day (US), Almond Buttercrunch Day (US), Waffle Iron Day (US), Hug Holiday (US).
Asteroid Day (International), Social Media Day (International), Meteor Watch Day (US), Bomb Pop Day (US), Corvette Day (US), Handshake Day (US).
Wallace & Gromit’s Wrong Trousers Day (UK), Tartan Day (International), World Bronchiectasis Day (International), Chicken Wing Day (International), Joke Day (International), Second Half of the Year Day (International), Reggae Day (International), Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day (US), Canada Day (CAN), Gingersnap Day (US), ZIP Code Day (US), Postal Workers Day (US). 

World UFO Day (International), Day of Cooperatives (International), Hop-A-Park Day (US), I Forgot Day (US), Anisette Day (US).
Thank You Day (UK), Plastic Bag Free Day (International), Disobedience Day (International), Stay Out of the Sun Day (International), Compliment Your Mirror Day (International), Chocolate Wafer Day (US), Air Conditioning Appreciation Day (US), Eat Your Beans Day (US), Fried Clam Day (US), Crown Day (US), Build A Scarecrow Day (US). 
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