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Not enough money: Secondary school heads warn MPs of budget woes.
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Students feeling "hit from all angles" during the cost of living crisis.
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Iceland boss urges Sunak to extend free school meals as critical priority.
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UK economy. The Bank of England published its latest report on the UK economy pointing to 'a very challenging outlook', with inflation likely to hit 11% by the end of the year and not likely to fall until the middle of next year; GDP expected to decline around ¾%; and the labour market remaining tight – leaving the country facing a ‘prolonged’ recession. 
Budget build-up. The Resolution Foundation outlined the economic scenario as it saw it ahead of the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, pointing to a ‘grim’ economic outlook with rising inflation, higher unemployment, weak growth, and a ‘fiscal hole’ of £40bn+, leaving the government facing an ‘unappetising menu’ of spending cuts and tax rises. 
Older workers. The Demos think tank called for an Ageing Workforce Strategy in a new report this week, arguing that a package of measures around occupational health and work practices could help alleviate concerns about the growing numbers of 50 – 64-year-olds exiting the workforce prematurely.
Curriculum Body. The government set out the business case for establishing an Arm’s Length (curriculum) Body (ALB), built around the Oak National Academy model to provide free curriculum resources for teachers via a digital platform, arguing that this would relieve pressure on teachers, bank against future national contingencies, and complement much of the commercial market.
Pupil absence. FFT Education Datalab provided an interesting briefing on pupil absences in schools in England for the first half of this term, showing an improving trend with a 5.1% absence rate in primary and 7.7% in secondary, including among those deemed persistent absentees.
Reading support  Ofsted reported on its findings from a group of secondary schools that had managed to improve the reading abilities of 11-year-old poor readers, listing such factors as being able to identify weaknesses, prioritise needs, and monitor progress, as critical for success.
Skills funding. The Association of Employment and Learning Providers (AELP) highlighted the funding challenges facing training and skills providers, in a survey published to coincide with their Autumn Conference, with over 80% of respondents – particularly in sectors like care, hospitality and transport – said to be struggling with rising costs.
T levels. The House of Commons Library Service published a helpful briefing on T levels, outlining what they were, how they’ve been developed, and some of the debates around them, as the Education Committee continues its inquiry into post-16 qualifications generally.
Technician careers. The Gatsby Foundation announced the opening with the Science Museum of the David Sainsbury Gallery, a new ‘free, permanent, interactive gallery’ dedicated to showcasing the wide range of technical careers open to young people, as part of a campaign to enhance technical education. 
Freedom of Speech. Leading university bodies reaffirmed their commitment to freedom of speech and academic freedom in a public statement issued ahead of the next stage in Parliament of the HE (Freedom of Speech) Bill this week.
More on Freedom of Speech. The Policy Exchange think tank added its thoughts on the HE (Freedom of Speech) Bill, highlighting the case for it, while pointing to two areas (Equality Act interactions, the use of Statutory tort) where amendments should be considered.
Student recruitment. The Institute of Student Employers highlighted some of the latest trends from its recent Student Recruitment Survey, pointing to lower growth this year as part of a gradual shift, with employers building a wider and more diverse talent line.

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Parliament and elsewhere
Education Committee witness session on post-16 qualifications (Tuesday 8 November).
Westminster Hall debate on temporary visas for industries experiencing labour and skills shortages’ (Tuesday 8 November).
LSECT online Subcontracting Funding Summit (Wednesday 9 November).
Release of provisional summer A level and other results (Thursday 10 November).
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Wednesday 09 November: John Hattie: Collective Efficacy or Individual Inefficiency? | BTS Spark (webinar – access to recording for registrants)
Thursday 10 November: Improving cybersecurity in education settings in England | Westminster forum Projects (online conference)
Thursday 10 November: Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools
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Thursday 10 November: T Level Transition Programme – Planning to meet the Framework for Delivery  (2023 providers)| AoC (webinars)
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Three interesting daily facts
On this day in 1783 John Austin was the last convict hanged at London’s Tyburn.
On this day in 1872 the Mary Celeste left New York for Genoa, to be found a month later, in perfect condition, but with nobody on board.
On this day in 2000 Hillary Clinton won a seat in the Senate, the first First Lady to win elective office.
On this day in 1602 the Bodleian Library in Oxford opened.
On this day in 1895 the physicist Wilhelm Röntgen discovered X-rays during an electrical experiment at Würzburg University.
On this day in 1990 Mary Robinson was elected Ireland’s first woman president.
On this day in 1859 the British Army abolished flogging.
On this day in 1976 the UN General assembly adopted a programme of action against apartheid in South Africa.
On this day in 1989 the demolition of the Berlin Wall began.
On this day in 1674 the Dutch formally ceded New Netherlands (New York) to the English.
On this day in 1871 Henry Morton Stanley Met Dr David Livingstone in Tanganyika.
On this day in 1885 German engineer Gottlieb Daimler unveiled the world’s first motorcycle.
On this day in 1919 Britain commemorated the first anniversary of Armistice Day with a two-minute silence.
On this day in 1992 the Church of England voted to allow women to become priests.
On this day in 2004 Yasser Arafat, who led the Palestinians for 40 years, died.
On this day in 1912 a search party discovered the bodies of Captain Robert Scott and other members of his expedition, who had died eight months earlier when returning from the South Pole.
On this day in 1954 Ellis Island, which had processed immigrants to the US since 1892, closed.
On this day in 1990 the World Wide Web was first proposed by CERN computer scientists Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau.
On this day in 1002 the St Brice’s Day Massacre took place, following King Ethelred II’s edict to slaughter all Danes.
On this day in 1789 Benjamin Franklin wrote “Nothing is certain but death and taxes”.
On this day in 1956 the US Supreme Court ruled race separation on buses in Alabama unconstitutional. 
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World Freedom Day, World Adoption Day, Social Media Kindness Day, Carl Sagam Day.
British Pudding Day.
Eleven09 Day, Go to an Art Museum Day, Fried Chicken Sandwich Day, Brian Holland Legacy Day, Chaos Never Dies Day, Microtia Awareness Day, Hunter Day, Grace Day, Alejandro Day, Louisiana Day, Scrapple Day, Geriatric Tooth Fairy Day.
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World Pneumonia Day.
Happy Hour Day, American Fancy Rat and Mouse Day, Chicken Soup For The Soul Day, French Dip Day, Nathaniel Day, Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day, Nathaniel Day, Saddle Hunting Day.
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