EdCentral is an independent, not-for-profit, social enterprise, which has built a secure digital space where education professionals can collaborate, exchange ideas and extend their knowledge. Our vision is to support the creation of a teacher-driven, self-improving school system.

We curate and signpost education research, CPD-related events, news and policy and present it in a no-frills, easily accessible format. Alongside this, our own content is produced by teachers and education experts and aims to inform, inspire and amuse.

We also host a friendly online space where all educators can share ideas and support one another.

Our objective is to empower educators to drive school improvement and pupil outcomes by keeping them well-informed and offering them a safe, independent place where they can discover new ways of thinking, network with one another, and build helpful, collaborative relationships.

About EdCentral's founder ...

Teachers can and do make a huge difference to people's lives, as EdCentral's founder, Louise Holmes, knows from first-hand experience. In October 2016, Laura McInerney asked Louise to share her story for a Schools's Week profile feature, or you can read an expanded version in Louise's own words.

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