EdCentral is an independent, not-for-profit, social enterprise, which has built a secure digital space where education professionals can collaborate, exchange ideas and extend their knowledge. Its aim is to support the creation of a teacher-driven, self-improving school system.

Teachers have suffered years of a top-down approach to education policy, with only nominal acknowledgements of the profession’s expertise and understanding of what really works. We believe – and research shows – what really transforms students is what happens in the classroom.

By harnessing the incredible passion of teachers and school leaders; and bringing together education professionals from all levels and origins – teaching assistants, NQTs, teachers, heads of department, school leaders, researchers and academics – we hope to help the profession improve practice, and support each other in a helpful and collegiate way.

We believe that the people who know best should be the ones leading school improvement. Only by facilitating grassroots support and continuous learning across the profession, can we realise our ultimate goal – to help teachers mobilise their power and access the research and other resources they need to improve student outcomes and tackle educational disadvantage.

That's why we've made access to all areas of EdCentral totally free for teachers and school leaders. If you haven't already signed-up, then here's a direct link to the registration page so you can start exploring straight away.

About EdCentral's founder ...

In October 2016, Laura McInerney, editor of Schools Week, interviewed EdCentral's founder Louise Holmes. You can find the feature here, or read Louise's story in her own words.

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