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Teacher and youth priorities for education for environmental sustainability

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Starts on:17/05/2022 04:30 PM
Ends on:17/05/2022 06:00 PM
Location:Central London, UK


Join this event to hear Dr Lizzie Rushton present her recent research concerning teacher and youth perspectives on education for environmental sustainability.

During the presentation, Lizzie will draw upon her research which was developed from the British Education Research Association Research Commision 2021-2022 which she co-leads with Dr Lynda Dunlop.

Analysing contributions from over 200 teachers, teacher educators and young people from across the UK, Lizzie will highlight their priorities in relation to climate change and sustainability education and consider how far these are met by recent policy making in this area in England.

Lizzie will present her research for about 30-40 mins and then there will be time for questions, discussion and debate and networking.

This event will be particularly useful for those interested in climate change and sustainability education.


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