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ASCL Data and Regulation Conference

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Starts on:03/10/2022 08:45 AM
Ends on:03/10/2022 03:00 PM
Location:Central London, UK


It’s been three years since school data was produced at a national level, and this year’s data will look different to normal. It will come with the caveat that it should not be compared to previous years and should not be compared between schools. What does this mean for how schools and colleges might use it, and how will it be used in the system?

Furthermore, the new White Paper and Schools Bill set out significant changes for the future of our regulatory system, and the way in which schools and trusts will be held accountable.

Join ASCL specialists and representatives from the Department for Education and Ofsted, at this one day in-person event to explore what data is being produced, how it’s being used, and what the implications are.

Key outcomes include:
• What KS4 and KS5 data will be released in October.
• The policy decisions that impacted this year’s data, and how to explain them to stakeholders.
• The methodology that was used this year and will be used in the future.
• How DfE and Ofsted colleagues will use this year’s data.
• How schools and colleges are using data intelligently.
• How to set SLT and executive performance management targets without comparable data.
• How schools are using primary-secondary transition data to help recover learning.
• What the White Paper and Schools Bill mean for the future of regulation.

This session will be followed up by an online webinar for governors and trustees a week later, in which ASCL colleagues will explain the key points they need to be aware of ahead of October’s data release, and how to interpret that data. This is included in the conference price, or can be booked separately for a fee.


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