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Using Graphic Organisers to Support Learners Who Use EAL

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Starts on:31/01/2023 12:30 PM
Ends on:31/01/2023 01:30 PM
Location:Online event


Graphic organisers provide a powerful tool for presenting information and helping learners organise their ideas. This webinar for international school staff will set out why graphic organisers are such a useful tool for including learners who use EAL in mainstream curricular activities, and explore some of the many types of graphic organisers that can be used to support plurilingual learners at different proficiency levels and across the curriculum.

Areas of focus will include:
• Reasons why using graphic organisers is useful for plurilingual learners
• Types of graphic organisers (including Ishikawa diagrams, pyramids, tables, Venn diagrams, timelines and flow charts)
• Examples of using graphic organisers with different subjects and task types in both primary and secondary contexts
• Advice on how to adapt graphic organisers for plurilingual learners at different proficiency levels and educational stages.


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