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The Digital Skills and Inclusion Conference 2023

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Starts on:07/03/2023 09:30 AM
Ends on:07/03/2023 04:00 PM
Location:Central London, UK


According to the Lloyds Consumer Digital Index 2022, 10.2 million people do not have foundation level digital skills needed for day-to-day life. Being digitally inclusive is essential since crucial services are becoming increasingly digitalised, including health care, social security, employment opportunities and banking. The scope and scale of a growing digital divide is felt more keenly than ever as 14 million adults still have low digital capability (Lloyds Consumer Digital Index 2022). The public, private, community, and voluntary sectors must all work together to combat digital exclusion and reduce the exacerbation of digital poverty in the UK.

This one day in-person conference will provide delegates with a valuable opportunity to learn how best to overcome digital exclusion, the tools, skills, and strategies available to utilise in tackling it, as well as highlighting the fundamental value of partnership and collaboration and how organisations can use successful partnerships to help bridge the digital divide. Attendees will hear from a range of experts and be provided with a better understanding of how to effectively spread, promote, and encourage digital inclusion within your organisation and local community.

Learning objectives:
• Practical solutions on how best to target and support the most digitally excluded
• Explore overcoming digital exclusion through effective multi-sector collaboration and galavinising support from the private sector
• Learn the exponential value of partnership, sharing, and learning from each other
• Discuss how innovation and enhanced support at a local level is needed to tackle the wider national digital poverty issue
• Best practice guidance on effectively embedding digital knowledge and skills within your workforce and improving digital leadership.

Join with peers to re-awaken the passion and impetus for tackling digital exclusion in 2023.

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