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Back to Faraday: The future of science education

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Starts on:01/09/2023 07:20 PM
Ends on:01/09/2023 08:45 PM
Location:Central London, UK


Science education has been struggling in recent years, with many educators and scientists recognizing that current methods may not be preparing young people for the modern world. But one team of scientists, educators, and science communicators from around the world is taking an imaginative approach to this problem. Join us at this in-person event to explore this exciting hands-on project, with a Discourse full of interactive science.

Led by Jake “Wizard IV” Jacobs, a scientist, educator, author, and international media personality with advanced degrees in mathematics and chemistry, the team has developed a project that introduces science activities for young people using things they can find around the house. Remarkably simple, yet stunningly revealing, these activities unlock the secrets of the natural world while honing critical thinking skills. More than educational, these activities stimulate an eager interest in pursuing a life of science learning.

Endorsed by the UN, the qualities of these demonstrations are rooted in the Royal Institution's rich history. Over two hundred years ago, pioneering scientist Michael Faraday began this approach, inspiring and educating generations of students with live science demonstrations. Now, Jake and his team continue this tradition, exhibiting captivating science phenomena with exciting hands-on science.


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