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5 Ways To Enhance Your School’s Curriculum Pathways

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Starts on:25/09/2023 07:00 PM
Ends on:25/09/2023 08:00 PM
Location:Online event


This webinar will discuss The Lion Pathways curriculum and how it provides the best possible combination of content, sequenced and structured learning for pupils.

Why attend:
• Comprehensive Curriculum Support: Developed by teachers for teachers, the Lion Pathways curriculum ensures every school gets a rich assortment of content, structured learning sequences, and all the support they need. If you're always on the hunt for quality educational resources, this curriculum could be your one-stop solution.
• Teacher Workload Reduction: One of the biggest concerns for educators today is the excessive time spent on administrative tasks and searching for resources. With thousands of digitised lessons, clear curriculum maps, and assessment sheets for every topic and module, Lion Pathways aims to give teachers back their precious time, enabling them to focus more on teaching and less on prep.
• Focus on Tailored Learning: Every student is unique, and this curriculum emphasises tailoring lessons to meet individual student needs. The provided assessment framework and lesson plans are designed to help teachers easily customise instruction, ensuring that every student gets the best learning experience tailored to them.
• Consistency Across Years: The Lion Pathways curriculum offers a consistent layout and structure for every lesson from year one to year six. This consistency helps pupils to engage better and understand the flow of their education, making transitions between years smoother and more effective.
• Drive Enhanced Pupil Engagement: With a vocabulary-rich design and ample opportunities for discussions and interactions, this curriculum is made keeping the pupil's perspective in mind. Every lesson, in every subject, for every year is designed to encourage students to talk, discuss, and collaboratively drive their learning forward.

• Aaron Wright, executive headteacher, Lion Academy Trust
• Ross McGill, former school leader and Founder of Teacher Toolkit.


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