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Reform to 16-19 qualifications in England and developing the Advanced British Standard

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Starts on:12/03/2024 08:30 AM
Ends on:12/03/2024 12:55 PM
Location:Online event


This one day online conference will consider the future of the post-16 qualification landscape in England and the implementation of the Government’s proposed Advanced British Standard (ABS).

It follows publication of the Government’s recent consultation on the design and shape of the proposed ABS and the new qualification framework, as well as the Prime Minister’s commitment for all young people to study maths in some form to 18.

Delegates will assess the practicalities of proposed reforms for learners and teachers and possible qualification options for students with lower academic attainment.

Discussion will also consider the future place of GCSEs at 16, and potential alternative assessment models and options to prepare students for the post-16 qualifications and learning.

Looking at strategies for improving the attainment and progression of post-16 learners, the agenda will bring out views of universities, employers and wider stakeholders in designing qualifications that prepare students for higher education and that meet the requirements of the labour market moving forward.

Further sessions focus on teacher recruitment and retention for post-16 education and the impact of increased teaching hours on the workforce as part of the implementation of the proposed ABS.

We are pleased to be able to include keynote sessions with Stella Pearson, Deputy Director of Advanced British Standard, Department for Education; and Andrew Otty, Head of Policy and Partnerships, National Youth Agency.

Overall, areas for discussion include:
• key policy priorities: next steps for the 16-19 qualification framework - moving towards the Advanced British Standard - the future of GCSEs - meeting future skills needs
• design and shape of the proposed ABS:
     ◦ balancing academic and technical content - practicalities of increasing teaching hours - creating greater breadth in post-16 learning
     ◦ the potential impact of losing the A-level brand
• disadvantaged pupils: strategies for improving outcomes for learners with different needs at 16-19 - improving accessibility to the new suite of qualifications for learners with SEND
• post-16 maths and English: assessing the ambition of delivering maths to age 18 - qualification options - delivering choice and support - recruiting and retaining specialist teachers
• preparing learners: assessing how well the existing system prepares learners for post-16 study and employment - implementation of reform - options for reform pre-16
• alternatives: assessing different policy approaches to the post-16 qualification landscape - alternative assessment options.

The conference will be an opportunity for stakeholders to consider the issues alongside key policy officials who are due to attend from the CMA; DfE; GLD; and the Welsh Government.


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