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Practical Strategies for Safeguarding in Education

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Starts on:26/02/2019 09:00 AM
Ends on:26/02/2019 04:40 PM
Location:ILEC Conference Centre, London


DSLs face many challenges in the day-to-day happenings of their schools. Challenges related to strain on local services, online trends, increased workloads and meeting inspection requirements, means that while being a safeguarding lead can be very rewarding, there are still many hurdles and fresh obstacles each day.  

Not only will this conference provide novel and pragmatic approaches to key issues related to mental health, online safety and peer-on-peer abuse; but will also provide sources of information for emerging safeguarding trends such as county lines and gender identity. 

Overall, the conference will be practical and solutions-driven in providing strategies on challenging issues related to safeguarding in education.

Featuring in-depth keynotes with leading experts, delegates may also expect a choice of workshops including:
• mental health both in breaking down the taboo, and effective training for staff
• how DSLs can effectively manage work pressures and ensure their own wellbeing
• creative ways to address issues related to anxiety, self-harm and peer-on-peer abuse
• how to tackle and prevent students getting caught up in county line gangs and other drug related violence
• review of grey areas and providing clarity on topics such as sexting and gender identity.


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