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Starts on:14/05/2019 08:30 AM
Ends on:14/05/2019 01:00 PM
Location:Central London, UK


This one day seminar will assess priorities for implementing compulsory relationships and sex education (RSE) in schools in England - as Government prepares to introduce relationships education into primary schools, RSE in secondary schools, and health education in all state funded schools from 2020.

The seminar is timed as an opportunity to discuss the Government’s expected response to its consultation on draft statutory guidance, which set out recommendations on how the teaching requirements for compulsory RSE should vary between different types of schools and what students will be expected to know by the end of primary and secondary school.

Delegates will consider what steps can be taken to ensure RSE is implemented effectively and how schools can be supported with curriculum design - with concerns surrounding the breadth of the curriculum in some schools.

Sessions will also look at how schools can work with parents on the design and delivery of RSE to increase parental understanding and engagement, and the training and resources school leaders need in order to design a curriculum inclusive of SEND students, LGBT issues, and faith perspectives.

The conference will also be an opportunity to discuss the introduction of compulsory health education - focusing on healthier lifestyles and mental resilience - and the ways in which schools can design effective PHSE programmes focusing on RSE and health. Delegates will consider how the introduction of health education can contribute to achieving parity between mental and physical health.

With concerns surrounding teachers confidence and in some cases limited training for teaching RSE and health education, alongside the availability of funding for future training programmes, further sessions consider priorities for equipping the teaching workforce with the skills necessary to teach RSE, focusing on the resources and support that can be provided to teachers.

Delegates will also look at the position of RSE within Ofsted’s new education inspection framework as Ofsted consults on the introduction of a new ‘personal development’ judgement for schools ahead of its expected introduction in September.


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