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SENCO Specialist Certificate - Manchester

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Starts on:08/05/2019 09:00 AM
Ends on:08/05/2019 03:00 PM
Location:Manchester, UK


One of the biggest challenges for SENCO’s seems to be changing the mindset of colleagues. Having to explain that SEN guidance is constantly changing, new techniques and best practices are evolving and more disorders are being recognised all the time.

This certificate course is designed to keep SENCOs up to date, at the same time offering practical guidance on how to influence and change the mindset of others.

It consists of a one-day workshop, post-event online training course and assessed audit tool – all CPD certified.

Learning objectives include:
• Attend a one-day training workshop – to work through a detailed agenda, meet with colleagues and ask pertinent questions
• Post-event online training programme – four training modules will be available on the website straight after the workshop has ended. Prepared by our expert Samantha Garner, each module contains further reading, key learning points and questions for reflection
• Complete the tailored in-school SEN audit and have it assessed by an expert – following the workshop and reading modules, delegates will be equipped with all the knowledge needed to complete the SEN audit. Once finished, simply send it off to our expert for feedback
• On completion delegates will be issued with a Certificate of Specialist Competence.


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