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Starts on:10/07/2019 08:45 AM
Ends on:10/07/2019 04:10 PM
Location:Birmingham, UK


The Educational Outcomes of Children with English as an Additional Language report, published in February 2018 by The Bell Foundation, Unbound and Education Policy Institute (EPI), highlighted the misleading attainment figures reported for pupils with EAL. While these pupils were 4% more likely to achieve the English Baccalaureate compared to those with English as a first language, this does not demonstrate the heterogeneity of the group, and the varying factors affecting progress and potential. Measurement of these factors also contributes to misleading statistics, for example academic assessments taken by pupils before English proficiency is reached will underestimate academic attainment and potential.

In an attempt to better support EAL pupils in the English school system, and to ensure adequate funding, in recent years the government has required schools to gather data around pupils’ English proficiency, as well as nationality and country of birth. This has been controversial however, leading to the government withdrawing this requirement in 2018. Sector leaders have encouraged the continuance of English proficiency data collection though, with NALDIC highlighting the importance of using this information to provide high quality inclusive education for all pupils.

Alongside this, the Educational Outcomes report outlines a number of key recommendations for the Department for Education (DfE), researchers and practitioners alike. This includes establishing a clear plan for English proficiency assessment, introducing a late arrival premium to boost support for older pupils, and generating more expertise around EAL teaching and learning techniques in all schools.

As such, teachers, policymakers and researchers must now coordinate efforts to ensure that every pupil with EAL is fully supported to achieve their maximum potential and enhance educational outcomes with the help of adequate funding and strong leadership.

This one day forum will provide participants with the opportunity to assess the current landscape of education for pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL). Sector leaders will share the latest research and policy in this area as they explore with delegates how to enhance teaching and learning. Attendees will discuss successful methods for improving educational outcomes for EAL pupils with outstanding case studies, including through better data usage, engaging the local community in pupil progress and increasing development opportunities for staff to improve teaching techniques that better support EAL pupils.

Key speakers include:
• Professor Victoria Murphy, Chair, NALDIC
• Hamish Chalmers, Vice Chair, NALDIC
• Diana Sutton, Director, The Bell Foundation
• Nicola Kidston, Head of Programme (EAL), The Bell Foundation
• Mark Sims HMI, National Lead for EAL, Ofsted
• Jo Hutchinson, Director for Social Mobility and Vulnerable Learners, and Author, Educational Outcomes of Children with English as an Additional Language, Education Policy Institute (EPI)
• Mark Penfold, Lead Teacher for Ethnic Minority Achievement, Babington Academy
• Mark Smith, Citizenship, Language & Learning Senior Advisor, City of Wolverhampton Council.

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