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TEF 2019: Next Steps for the Teaching Excellence Framework

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Starts on:26/09/2019 08:45 AM
Ends on:26/09/2019 04:20 PM
Location:Central London, UK


As the number of people attending Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) continues to increase, the need for a detailed, accessible, and accountable measure of the quality of teaching offered by universities has also grown. The introduction of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) in June 2017 has sought to bring about this drastic change.

Building on the inception of the TEF, in 2017, year two of TEF results were published, in 2018, with some universities showing signs of progress. Since then, in late-2018 and early-2019 there has been an increase of HE providers subscribing for the first time, with 30 institutions awaiting grading at a provisional level. In January 2019, a research paper was released by the Office for Students evaluating the first ever TEF results in from 2018-2018, ranking HEIs with a Gold, Silver or Bronze rating. The paper highlighted 36 indicators of impact that would suggest whether the TEF was having a negative, neutral or positive impact. It was determined that the majority of providers were indeed showing signs of positive impact, according to the identified indicators. Of participants questioned 50% claimed that their insitution offered either ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ teaching and the sector as a whole was deemed to have a net positive percentage of 58%. This research paper shows hard, analytical data that the TEF is having the intended impact on providers, offering optimal student outcomes.

Yet, amongst the progress being made, there is a question on how effective the TEF is. The Pearce Review, conducted in 2019 has implicitly suggested that the framework does work for institutions but is lacking in its ability to inform students, which was its objective when established. This forum will delve into the updates on the Pearce review and ask the frank questions on the viability of TEF, alongside presenting key case studies that look to prove its viability.

The TEF is changing the outlook of university league tables and the broader HE sector. As a consequence, it is fundament that HEIs now come together to further their understanding of the TEF and learn from each other. This will ensure that the HE sector sufficiently adapts to this changing environment and continues to improve the quality of teaching it provides.

This one day conference will provide an opportunity for participants to understand how to successfully interact with the Teaching Excellence Framwork and raise teaching standards and outcomes across the sector.

Attendees will examine how the landscape has changed since the first TEF results were published in 2017 and recent funding announcements by the Department for Education.

Delegates will also explore best practice case studies that demonstrate success in achieving gold status and key examples of notable progress, such as the importance of peer-review at the University of Bristol or the strategic investment in careers and employability at the University of Nottingham.

Key speakers include:
• Graeme Rosenberg, Head of TEF, Office for Students
• Sam Meakin, Senior Advisor to Dame Shirley Pearce, Independent Review of TEF
• Professor Michael Young, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), University of Sunderland and TEF Panel Member, Office for Students
• Dr. Geoff Stoakes, Special Adviser, Degree Standards, Advance HE
• Professor Nick Lieven, Professor of Aircraft Dynamics, University of Bristol, Chair, Engineering and Technology TEF Subject Panel
• Dr Nalayini Thambar, Director of Careers and Employability, University of Nottingham, and Quality Director, Association of Graduate Careers Advisory
• Professor Norbert Pachler, Pro-Director, Teaching, Quality and Learning Innovation, Institute of Education, University College London
• John Hill, Head of Digital Learning, University of Derby.

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