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Raising Standards of Behaviour in Schools

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Starts on:21/05/2019 08:45 AM
Ends on:21/05/2019 04:00 PM
Location:Central London, UK


The number of pupils permanently excluded from school has risen for the third year in a row, according to Department for Education statistics published in July 2018 . This resulted in 7,720 pupils permanently excluded in 2017, and 381,856 pupils suspended.

The Department for Education’s guidance on behaviour and discipline in schools was re-issued in January 2016 but it has not been reviewed since September 2015. In light of this, the Independent Bennett Review was published in March 2017, commissioned by the DfE. This outlined areas in which the guidance on behaviour and discipline was failing to address growing behavioural problems in schools and outlined a set of recommendations to improve school behaviour management. This included proposing behaviour audits to capture and compare school behaviour, increasing the role of Ofsted to target the most at need staff and funding internal inclusion units in schools.

In response to this, Damian Hinds announced plans for the first review of the school behaviour guidance in over three years. This would include a 10 million fund to help schools which manage behaviour well to train other teachers and the possibility of reforming the first two years of training newly qualified teachers receive in the classroom.

The worrying number of school exclusions is causing growing concern nationwide regarding the way in which schools manage the behaviour of their pupils. With ‘persistent disruptive behaviour’ identified as the most common cause of school exclusion, accounting for 36% of all permanent exclusions in 2016/17, according to DfE statistics, schools will be under pressure to ensure that they are operating an effective preventative and responsive approach to managing pupil behaviour and decreasing the rates of exclusion.

With challenging school behaviour shown to have a negative effect on pupil’s learning, development and wellbeing, and teachers losing an hour of teaching a day on average as a result of pupil misbehaviour, it is imperative that schools are training their staff to respond effectively to challenging pupil behaviour, setting clear and coherent behaviour policy and working to re-integrate challenging pupils back into mainstream school.

This one day forum will provide participants with the opportunity to hear directly from Tom Bennett on recommendations for reviewing the national guidance on behaviour and discipline in schools. Participants will hear from leading policy figures on the next steps for improving school behavior, excelling at inspection and supporting staff to manage challenging behaviour. Additionally, best practice case studies will share innovative behavioral practices which minimise exclusion, improve school standards and meet pupils’ individual needs.

Key speakers include:
• Tom Bennett, Author, Independent Review of Behaviour in Schools Commissioned by DfE.

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