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Ahead of the final event in the series of ETF Technical Workshops for senior and strategic leaders on 30 March – Directing and leading cultural change – Phil Cook, Viren Lall and Neil Marshall consider some of the questions leaders contemplating change should ask.

Colleges are now facing a time of unprecedented change. Never before has the political, economic and social landscape presented such challenges. An uncertain policy landscape, ever-increasing overhead costs, and exceptional staff shortages all present major challenges for the FE sector, as do the dire circumstances some of our communities face with the cost of living increases.

The FE sector has always embraced change, seizing opportunities and mitigating risks. Nevertheless, for many, be it at an organisational or departmental level, delivering change is now of mission-critical importance. Being proactive and responsive has never before been so important, and such organisational characteristics are firmly linked to organisational culture.

Shifting beliefs, operating norms, behaviours, and actions (i.e. changing culture) will all form important constituents for ensuring any change strategy is successful.

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