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The leisure industry is the heart of the sporting pyramid, the key to unlocking the wellbeing of the nation, adding life to years. Its post-covid decline is something I believe we should all care about. As civic leaders, our duty is to serve our communities and the very best colleges adopt a whole person and holistic approach to this.

I believe that colleges should act as anchor institutions. If one part of our local and public system is failing, then working to support it through systems leadership is not only the right thing to do, but benefits us all.

The current funding for the leisure industry is wholly inadequate and risks system failure, compounded by no relief for energy crisis support.

In a speech in the House of Lords Tanni Grey-Thompson warned government that the UK’s health and wellbeing should be a “grave concern” and sector leaders have come together to request reclassification to “energy intensive” swimming pools to prevent the closure or reduced services of up to 74 per cent of swimming pools.

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