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Outcomes from apprenticeship end-point assessments (EPA) will feature in official government statistics for the first time from this summer, Ofqual has said, but there will be limits to what is published.

Speaking at the Annual Apprenticeships Conference this week, the regulator’s executive director for vocational and technical qualifications, Catherine Large, told delegates that new data on EPA outcomes will finally be made public.

“Later this year, you’ll see the EPA outcomes data included in our quarterly VTQ statistical release for the first time,” Large said from the main stage.

She used her speech to describe a “healthy market” of over 140 regulated end-point assessment organisations and said the body has completed the transition of external quality assurance (EQA) for 428 apprenticeship standards from other EQA providers, bringing their total to 588. EQA for remaining standards sit with the Office for Students and IfATE, Large said.

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