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T Level students will be able to sit their core exams and employer-set project in two different assessment windows from September 2023, under new government plans.

Currently students must undertake their core exams, an employer-set project and an occupational specialism assessment to complete a two-year T Level. The first time students sit their core exams, they must do so in the same assessment period as their employer set project, for instance in the summer of their first year, but for retakes for those elements can be done separately.

Ofqual has today launched a consultation on T Level assessments in which it proposes awarding organisations allow students flexibility to sit their core exams and employer set projects separately. For example, students could sit one element in the summer and the other in the autumn.

It said that decision was taken by ministers following feedback from providers, and plans to introduce the new proposals for new starters from September 2023.

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