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Responding to the Institute for Fiscal Studies report What has happened to college teacher pay in England? David Hughes, AoC chief executive said: “This report lays bare the staffing crisis in colleges in England. Staff in colleges have taken the brunt of 12-years of austerity and funding cuts, with lecturers earning now 21% less than their counterparts in schools. With the DfE improving the offer for schools just this week, that 21% pay gap will only widen further unless there is more funding for colleges to put into pay packets.

"The pay gap to schools is big, but many college lecturers are often skilled in their trades, as dual professionals, and are in great demand in the labour market. Colleges are reporting lecturers leaving for highly-paid jobs in industry where their skills are in short supply.

“This staffing crisis in colleges, means that courses are having having to be withdrawn or restricted. The irony of this is profound, because fewer lecturers, fewer courses means the skills shortages in the labour market will of course get worse, making it even more likely that college lecturers will leave their teaching roles. The impact will be fewer trained builders, health workers and technicians and a brake on the UK’s economy.

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