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In June, Gatsby undertook a visit to Denmark to explore the Danish vocational education and training (VET) system, alongside senior leaders from FE colleges across England.

The visit included meetings with key stakeholders in the technical education system including the Ministry of Children and Education, business and employer bodies, colleges (VET schools) and employers, as well as organisations involved in quality assurance. This offered opportunities to learn more about the structure of the Danish system, the role of each organisation and how they collaborate, as well as reflecting on approaches to addressing common challenges. The Danish system for technical education is based on a dual education and training principle, with an alternating structure between school-based (approximately one third) and work-based learning (approximately two thirds). The system enables students to enter the labour market as skilled workers. Denmark has a youth unemployment rate below the EU average, and 84% of students following a technical education pathway enter full-time employment*.

A collaborative approach built on trust
A recurring perception during the visit was a foundation of trust between government and the social partners, including employer and employee organisations, with each party taking responsibility for their role in the system to ensure sustainable responses to societal challenges and developments.

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