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The education system in England is rightfully celebrated for its excellence – however, what is needed is a tertiary system that is fairer, more efficient and more effective than the system we now operate in. This document sets out what leads us to this conclusion and proposes comprehensive changes that would create a tertiary education system that serves the needs of all individuals and the economy.

"Our report is an urgent call to action for both the government and the Labour party. We desperately need an effective, efficient and fair tertiary system, and the recommendations we set out would achieve that by putting colleges at the heart of the reform.

"Colleges are in the unique position of playing a significant part across all areas of post-16 education and skills, and in all areas of the country.

"With the changes we propose they will be able to motivate, engage and support far more 14 to 16-year-olds, young people and adults, and support more employers. As anchor institutions in a tertiary system they would be able to work with schools and universities to offer a broader, more coherent place-based offer to young people, adults and employers – and therefore help the economy and society as a whole."

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