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In this series of blogs, Dr Katerina Kolyva, Chief Executive of the Education and Training Foundation (ETF), reports on her visits to Further Education (FE) and Skills providers across the sector. She uncovers the transformational learning opportunities available to students alongside the dedicated professionalism of teachers, trainers and leaders from the wide variety of different providers across the sector.

Activate Learning stands out for its approach to innovation and its steadfast commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. A dynamic learning philosophy places emphasis on adaptability, creativity, and critical thinking. Here, students are not mere recipients of knowledge; they are active participants in their own intellectual journey. Central to Activate’s learning philosophy is the concept of learner-centred education, recognising the diverse needs and learning styles of students. Through personalised learning pathways, students are empowered to be professional, resilient, enterprising and confident.

From cutting-edge technologies to avant-garde teaching methodologies, innovation permeates every aspect of the group’s ecosystem. Activate Learning is committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional education through interdisciplinary research, collaborative projects, and community engagement initiatives.  

Gary Headland, the Group CEO, takes an all-college approach, bringing together students, faculty, staff, and administrators in a vibrant community of learners. Through interdisciplinary collaboration and cross-functional teamwork, Activate Learning fosters a culture of synergy and mutual support across its many locations. This all-college approach extends beyond the confines of the campus, as Activate Learning actively seeks out partnerships with industry leaders, government agencies, and non-profit organisations. By forging strategic alliances, Gary and his team ensure that their students have access to real-world experiences and career opportunities that enrich their educational journey and prepare them for success in the global marketplace. 

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