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In today’s VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, there is increasing pressure on the UK higher education sector to produce highly-skilled global ready graduates. However, the conversation on skills shortages, international students’ employability, and graduate outcomes overlooks an underutilised resource a lot of UK universities have access to, LinkedIn Learning.

As part of digital resources, a lot of universities pay for, and then offer students free access to LinkedIn learning via a university account. There are however a few questions that need to be answered; Do students see this as integral to their future success or merely an add-on? Are university students taking full advantage of this resource? Is this actively communicated to students outside of engagements with career services as a useful resourceful?

I am not suggesting LinkedIn learning is a silver bullet, but the expert-led material on the platform runs the gamut from business to technology-related to creative skills relevant for the world of work.

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