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With 40% of students currently registering with UCAS – about 400,000 – interested in learning more about apprenticeships, new UCAS analysis indicates this could increase to 500,000 as the 18-year-old population rises.

This could offer significant economic opportunities for shortage areas. For example, at present 41% of students interested in medicine would also consider the apprenticeship route. As the population grows, so will the opportunity to recruit more doctors through this route.

UCAS's projection forms part of its national debate on the growing demand for UK higher education, known as the Journey to a Million, published in partnership with Knight Frank and Unite Students. 

In its latest release issued today, sector leaders and experts outline that to achieve real parity with traditional undergraduate routes, students' growing interest in and ambition for apprenticeships must be matched by enhanced information, advice and guidance alongside increased supply of opportunities. 

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