The government is teaming up with charities and student groups to try to combat loneliness at universities.

A new campaign aims to tackle the stigma of loneliness, after a YouGov survey suggested loneliness is experienced by 92% of students.

The Campaign to End Loneliness said the government push was important but action was "largely best done by universities".

It said more funding was needed and services like the NHS should tackle it.

A government commissioned YouGov survey of more than 1,000 students suggested worries about loneliness before starting their university courses affected 52% of students.

This came ahead of other major concerns including managing money (49%), course difficulty (49%), finding suitable housing (26%) and fitting in (48%).

The government will be partnering with the restaurant chain Wingstop in a campaign encouraging students to get together at meal times and directing them to the Better Health Every Mind Matters website, which has resources and support for loneliness and mental health issues.

This will be featured on the chain's in-store digital screens and social media channels.

The government is also partnering with the Student Radio Association, accommodation provider Student Roost and mental health charities Student Minds and Sporting Wellness, to raise awareness of the campaign and its resources through their channels and university-focused activities.

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