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The ambition to ensure all graduates have fulfilling lives is one shared across the four nations of the UK.

With work being a central aspect of adulthood, this unsurprisingly leads to questions on how one achieves fulfilment through their employment.

The Fair Work Convention in Scotland states that:

Fulfilment as a dimension of fair work can be supported in a variety of ways: through forms of job design and work organisation that focus on effective skills use, autonomy and opportunities to problem solve and to make a difference, investment in training and development and cross learning.

Historically, there has been a lack of quantitative data available on the extent to which graduates secure fulfilling work based on such a definition as that above. However, our newly created ‘job design and nature of work’ measure seeks to plug this knowledge gap. This has been formed using three questions in the Graduate Outcomes survey relating to the extent to which graduates believe their job is meaningful, uses their skills and is in line with their future plans (all aspects that lead to fulfilling work).

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