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As a producer of official statistics, innovation is expected to be at the heart of what we do at HESA.

Over the last few years, we’ve therefore been working on creating a new UK-wide area based measure of deprivation, with today marking the release of the interactive maps/postcode search tool associated with our new variable – the Socioeconomic Index for Small Areas (SEISA).

In this blog, we take readers on a journey of what prompted us to conduct this work (the ‘why’) and our approach (the ‘how’). We conclude by outlining the ways in which you can get involved in its future development.

Innovation should be at the forefront of a statistical system that meets its users’ needs. (Mark Pont, Office for Statistics Regulation, 2017)

We’ve also included a new principle of innovation – it is all about the desire for improvement, the restless asking of questions like ‘why’ and ‘how’ (Ed Humpherson, Office for Statistics Regulation, 2017).

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