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Many British and Sino-British universities offer postgraduate programmes in education to contribute to internationalisation in higher education. These programmes have recently been accompanied by heightened criticism for disregarding local contexts and for ignoring the demands for heterogeneity (Kuleta, 2017). Scholars have debated the limitations of internationalisation that aims to ‘broaden, strengthen and accelerate the world’s interconnectedness’ (Wang et al., 2022). For example, some higher education institutions perceive internationalisation merely as a mechanism to enhance revenue streams. The imperatives of internationalisation in higher education should be concerned with its value in developing knowledge and curriculum design, and promoting educational equity (see for example Burke et al., 2015). To date, there have not been any studies that cover an investigation of both British and Sino-British transnational universities’ curricula, pedagogy and programmes via the postcolonial theoretical lens.

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