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The Future Global Leaders Forum was an extracurricular, institution-wide work experience and skills development programme at Queen Mary which featured in Advance HE’s 'Employability: breaking the mould' case study compendium in 2021. 

Our case study in Advance HE's forthcoming 2023 case study compendium Sustainable and Innovative Approaches to Employability is the implementation and evaluation of a novel work shadowing scheme for the second cohort of participants. ‘Leadership shadowing’ engaged the students with distinguished ‘leader hosts’ and employers in government, policy, business and education across London, including a diverse group of Queen Mary alumni.  

Leadership shadowing consisted of short workplace or virtual visits offering opportunities for small group discussions (4-5 students or less) with the leader host. Participant evaluations asserted that these short visits benefitted students and supported skills and personal development.  

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