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he Student Loans Company (SLC) has released data showing changes back and forth in the number of estranged students studying at university to the last complete year.

So while we still await 2022 data, let’s look at what is going on.

My colleague, DK, has very helpfully put together some tableaus to help us make sense of this data. There is a drop in the number of estranged students for 2022-23, and while the year is yet to complete, this trend does look like a significant change is unlikely. The drop this year is likely to be similar to the trends we have seen in other data where 2021-22 was an exceptional year with more students overall – and so more students in all categories.

For me, this is the usual 2021-22 “exceptional year” effect we see in other data. More students overall, so more students in whatever category you care to name.

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