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Our CEO, Oli de Botton, sets out what the evidence in our Ready for the Future report shows about the emerging consensus on high-quality modern careers education, its impact and the future priorities of CEC.

In education there is not always consensus. We can argue about knowledge and skills, direct instruction and group work and many other things. However, when it comes to good careers provision – the important work of getting young people ready for the future - a consensus is emerging in England, backed up by a growing evidence base.

This evidence is captured in our Ready for the Future report. Last year we were able to collect an unprecedented amount of data – from almost 35,000 young people, 84% of secondary schools and colleges, over 120 employers who are most involved in careers education, more than 1,000 business volunteers and three years’ worth of data on student destinations. For the first time, schools logged student-facing activities (about 60,000) on the Compass+ system. This is beginning to help us see the impact of specific interventions on specific students.

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