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A small special school trust has sought to beat recruitment woes with an unusual and entertaining job advert for its next “Curmudgeonly Eccentric Oddball”.

The two-school Kingsley Learning Foundation is seeking a part-time CEO to replace retiring boss Tom O Dwyer, but admits it is “not entirely sure” what the role entails.

The first half of the job advert treads familiar ground. It seeks a leader to articulate the trust’s “evolving vision”, someone who can “empower” its two headteachers and who has a “profound understanding of educational systems”.

Then things go a little off-piste. The trust’s “Curmudgeonly Eccentric Oddball has decided to focus his diminishing wit, energy and time to tending his garden, in particular to nurturing his Chrysanthemums, Echinacea and Orchids”, it states.

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