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What advice could a PGCE tutor offer other trainee teachers and school mentors?

As we start the new academic year, I wanted to jot down some notes publicly for others to read a) if you are a trainee teacher reading this or b) if you are a new mentor or tutor.

I’ve supported new teachers in the profession for as long as I can remember, working as a subject mentor in 2000s, and strategically as a whole-school lead for CPD from 2007 to 2017. For the last seven years, I have been working as a PGCE tutor for the University of Buckingham, working with training teachers in the state, independent and international sectors to help them achieve their teaching qualifications.

The UoB now supports ~700+ trainees and is growing internationally, developing their apprenticeship work. If you believe you can nurture the next generation of new teachers into the profession and help them get off to a solid start, I can highly recommend it.

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