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The Language Hubs programme, led by the National Consortium for Languages Education (NCLE), aims to encourage more pupils to study a language at GCSE as the evidence shows that pupils who do so are more likely to study that language at A level and have a lifelong interest in languages.

The Language Hubs initiative is the next step in the rollout of the Government’s flagship Language Hubs programme, which will raise national interest in studying languages and drive more pupils to study them throughout their education from primary schools onwards. Thousands more pupils are set to benefit from learning languages such as German, French and Spanish, as 19 schools have been selected to lead on boosting how these subjects are taught across the country.

Data from this year’s GCSE entries showed that modern foreign languages have become increasingly popular as a subject, with a 5.1% increase in GCSE entries in 2023 compared to last year and a 9.2% increase compared to 2019.

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