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How do we help teachers, school leaders, and inspectors widen their ‘feedback’ perspective?

In this research, 175 types of feedback were used by the teachers, 16 of which were used with frequency and regularity …

For a decade, I’ve been plugging away at moving the ‘marking’ dialogue forward in our schools.

There are two core reasons for this: 1) the workload burden for teachers and 2) the quality assurance process for learning is so fixated on what’s written inside a student’s exercise book.

Later this year, I will publish my twelfth book, Guide To Feedback, which brings together nine school case studies showcasing different types of ‘marking or feedback’ methods … and direct links to student outcomes.

Over the remainder of this academic year, I will consciously stop myself from writing, speaking or promoting both those words ever again! By doing so, my aim is to slowly drip-feed a new form of pedagogical language to teachers like you reading this site …

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