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This Emotional Health Week, 19th to 23rd February, we hear from CYPMHC members The Centre for Emotional Health who tell us about what emotional health is, why it is beneficial to babies, children and young people, and how this aligns with the Coalitions 3 strategic priorities.

The Centre for Emotional Health, are proud members of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition. However, people are frequently confused about exactly what emotional health is, where it ends, and mental health begins. The two are extremely closely linked but are different.

Emotional health is the set of skills and beliefs that shape our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It is affected throughout our lives by our relationships and our experience of the relationships around us. Good emotional health is being aware of, understanding and managing our whole range of emotions.

At The Centre for Emotional Health, we know that adults modelling positive relationships and behaviours is very beneficial to babies, children and young people and this is key to helping us to build healthy beliefs.

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