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Managing behaviour in schools, either on a whole school basis or on an individual level continues to be a constant challenge. Colleagues who have worked in education a long time would probably say they have witnessed a shift in student behaviours. This is not necessarily in the type of behaviours students are demonstrating but more so in their response to the adults that work with them. The change in behaviour trends goes alongside a different approach to schools from some parents in a post-Covid world. This is also at a time where support from external agencies is stretched further than ever and national attendance statistics are a big issue. 

With this in mind, the EEF’s Improving Behaviour in Schools guidance report offers many recommendations for best practice around managing behaviour. Arguably, the most fundamental challenge for a team of staff is consistency (Recommendation 6, page 32). Students work more effectively and prefer it when there is real sense of clarity.

Our strategy is built around 3 strands:

  • Prevention
  • Management
  • Restoration

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