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Do you believe a burst of 5-star jumps during a lesson can improve student recall?

This research explores how brief bursts of physical activity can enhance students’ focus and learning, transforming lessons into engaged spaces!

I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with cognitive science, and especially brain research. To state my focus specifically, I have been exploring retrieval practice and short activity breaks during the learning process to enhance memory retention.

Why explore something that may be a challenge for most state school teachers?

Several research sources suggest that brief exercise breaks during lessons can help students focus their attention, recall information and improve overall outcomes.

I wonder if this would improve behaviour too?

Research published by McMaster University explored exercise brakes during a lecture, and what impact it had on attention and learning. Sweat So You Don’t Forget: Exercise Breaks During a University Lecture Increase On-Task Attention and Learning (Fenesi et al., 2018)

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