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Hello Teacher Tappers!

Happy holidays to the third of you on your Easter break! And ‘keep going you’ve got this’ to the rest of you still holding on in the classroom – your time will come 🙌.

March is almost over BUT this is all very exciting because it just means our March prize draw is coming closer, and soon we’re going to be announcing the winner of TEN Teacher Tapp umbrellas ☔️🌂☂️.

Check your app to see how many tickets 🎫 you’ve already accumulated – and be sure to keep tapping every day to get as many as you can before the end of March.

Although it has a pretty innocuous name, low level disruption can be the most infuriating issue for a teacher to deal with.

As always, the first thing we checked when the data came in was how those of you in primary answered compared to secondary…. and then how each subject in secondary compared to each other.

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