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In the latest survey of almost 6,000 National Education Union members, conducted ahead of Annual Conference in Bournemouth, we asked teachers and support staff in England about their attitudes toward Ofsted. 

  • 90% of teachers believe that single word judgements are unfair reflections of performance.
  • 82% believe Ofsted should be replaced with a new system of inspection.
  • Just 3% of teachers believe that Ofsted is a reliable and trusted arbiter of standards. Only 4% believe it acts independently of Government.
  • 83% of teachers tell us that the current inspection system adds to their workload; 79% say it not only distorts workload but distracts from the core aspects of their job. For 62% it causes mental ill-health and affects the home life of 59%.
  • Almost half of support staff who responded (47%) said that inspections distort workload and distract them from their core role. One in three (37%) tell us their mental health is also affected.
  • Two thirds of teachers (66%) believe that inspection does not take account of the level of pupil/student need. 67% of leadership staff share this view, as do a majority (64%) of support staff. 

The State of Education survey gauges the views of working teacher, support staff and school leader NEU members. We are releasing the findings over the course of Annual Conference. 

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