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In the latest survey of over 8,000 National Education Union members, conducted ahead of Annual Conference in Bournemouth, we asked teachers and support staff about the mental health of young people.

  • 88% of teachers tell us that they have seen an increase in the prevalence of student mental health issues over the last year, with 57% saying it has increased greatly in that short period of time.
  • Half or more told us that pupils are regularly displaying chronic anxiety (49%), exam anxiety (54%) or absenteeism (47%) as a result of mental ill-health. Three quarters identify general social difficulties among pupils (74%).
  • There is a divided faith in the system of referral, with just 42% telling us they have confidence that their pupils will get the help they need from existing processes and resources. One in five said they are “very unconfident”.

The State of Education survey gauges the views of working teacher, support staff and school leader NEU members in England and Wales. We are releasing the findings over the course of Annual Conference.

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