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Today I am publishing the Independent Welsh Pay Review Body’s (IWPRB) strategic review of the structure of teachers’ and leaders’ pay and conditions in Wales. 

In December 2021 we commissioned the IWPRB to undertake a strategic review of the current structure of teachers’ and leaders’ pay and conditions in Wales and propose opportunities for improvements to enhance our current system and help us achieve a fairer and more transparent system for all teachers. 

I am pleased to note that the Strategic Review clearly recognises the strengths of the current pay and conditions arrangements and the need to retain the positive changes introduced to the structure since 2018 when the responsibility for teachers’ pay and conditions was devolved to the Welsh Government. The comprehensive and detailed report from the IWPRB contains 26 recommendations relating mainly to pay, terms and conditions designed to strengthen these existing arrangements. 

I accept in principle all the recommendations subject to consultation with key stakeholders through our well established and effective social partnership arrangements. These wide-ranging recommendations require detailed consideration. Key stakeholders will be invited to scrutinise the Report and provide comments on its recommendations, including implications, practicalities and timing of potential implementation, such as current pressures on all public sector budgets. 

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