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University of Oxford bans intimate staff-student relationships
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Government to review sex education amid concerns about inappropriate lessons
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T-level delays: Colleges face disruption after courses are pushed back
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Science and Technology. The government launched its Science and Technology Framework listing ten key actions including focusing on key technologies like AI and engineering biology, and looking into collaborative funding models, intended in the words of the PM ‘to strengthen the UK’s position as science and technology superpower by 2030’.
Cost-of-living. Barnardo’s published new survey evidence showing how hard the cost-of-living crisis was hitting some families with one in four families struggling to provide food and one in seven falling to payment arrears, calling for the government to target help, such as free school meals, at those most in need.
Gender pay gap. Labour marked International Women’s Day by announcing a review of the gender pay gap, to be led by senior figures including the Shadow Chancellor and to form part of Labour’s mission on economic growth.

Inspections. Ofsted announced that to avoid likely strike action in schools next week, it would confirm in a call on Friday for inspections to take place on the Monday/Tuesday.
Pupil disadvantage. The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) reported on its roundtable last year in which experts considered how best to measure pupil disadvantage and what could be done to improve things, pointing to three possible policy measures including using a continuity’ measure of disadvantage, adopting a simpler metric for disadvantage and/or looking at household income-based measures for disadvantage.
Governance pay. GovernorHub, the body that supports governors, trustees and other professionals working in schools, marked International Women’s Day by highlighting the gap in pay that members, who tend to be women, experience compared to peers working in a similar capacity in other sectors, calling for a better system of benchmarking and support for the future.

Teaching bursaries. The government outlined the scope and procedures for FE initial teacher education (ITE) bursaries for 2023/4 which will provide funding support for eligible trainees in STEM subjects as well as computing, English and SEND provision.
Apprenticeships. The Independent claimed in a new survey ‘widespread use’ of levy funding to subsidise MBAs as apprenticeships starts for young people under the age of 25 have been steadily falling over recent years.

OfS Inquiry. The House of Lords Industry and Regulators Committee announced an inquiry into the Office for Students (OfS) setting out a range of issues it was keen to look into, including its overall performance, the nature of its regulatory framework and its relationship with key groups such as government, students and universities themselves.
Cost-of-living. The Sutton Trust published new commissioned research on the impact of the cost-of-living on students, showing that many (two-thirds) reported undertaking paid jobs during the week leaving nearly half (49%) of undergraduates missing classes, calling as a result for government to re-consider maintenance grants.
New Institute. The University of Nottingham announced the launch of a new national Institute of Technical Skills and Strategy, funded by Research England, hosted by the University and building on the TALENT programme and Gatsby’s Technician Commitment, with the aim of developing technical know-how and talent across the country.
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Three interesting daily facts
On this day in 1781 William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus.
On this day in 1881 Czar Alexander II was assassinated in St Petersburg.
On this day in 2003 the 350,000-year-old footprints of an upright-walking human were found in Italy.
On this day in 1879 Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany.
On this day in 1885 Gilbert and Sullivan's comic opera 'The Mikado' premiered at the Savoy Theatre in London. 
On this day in 1942 the first use of penicillin saved a dying patient's life.
On this day in 1493 Christopher Columbus returned to Spain after his first voyage to the New World.
On this day in 1917 Tzar Nicholas II abdicated the Russian throne.
On this day in 1962 five research groups announced the discovery of anti-matter.
On this day in 1867 Joseph Lister published an article in 'The Lancet' outlining the discovery of antiseptic surgery.
On this day in 1968 General Motors produced its 100-millionth automobile, the Oldsmobile Toronado.
On this day in 1985 American journalist Terry Anderson was kidnapped in Beirut by Islamic militants and held captive for nearly seven years.

On this day in 1845 rubber band was patented by Stephen Perry of London.
On this day in 1969 Golda Meir became Israel's first female Prime Minister.
On this day in 1992 apartheid in South Africa came to an end.
Awareness days from around the world
Endometriosis Awareness Month, National Nutrition Month, National Irish-American Heritage Month, Deep-Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month, Brain Injury Awareness Month, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, Mustache March, National Save Your Vision Month.
National Bed Month, Walk All Over Cancer, Endo The Night, Dechox, Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Brain Tumour Awareness Month, 100 Miles In March For Mind, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Veggie Month..

World Glaucoma Week, Girl Scout Week.

British Science Week, Compost Week UK, Programming for Primaries, Healthcare Science Week, Compost Week UK, Brain Awareness Week.

National Jewel Day, National K9 Veterans Day, National Coconut Torte Day, National Good Samaritan Day, National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day, National Earmuff Day, National Napping Day.

Commonwealth Day, No Smoking Day.

National Write Down Your Story Day, National Equal Pay Day, National Children’s Craft Day, National Learn About Butterflies Day, National Pi Day, National Potato Chip Day.

Dog Theft Awareness Day.


National SBDC Day, National Kansas Day, Everything You Think Is Wrong Day, National Pears Helene Day, National Shoe The World Day, World Sleep Day.

Young Carers Action Day.

National Spray Tanning Day, Absolutely Incredible Kids Day, National Curl Crush Day, National Panda Day, National Farm Rescuer Day, National Artichoke Hearts Day, National Everything You Do Is Right Day, National Freedom Of Information Day.


St Patrick’s Day, National Corned Beef And Cabbage Day.

Comic Relief/Red Nose Day.
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