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Hunt's £4bn childcare boost welcomed but fears remain for struggling sector
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UK university staff make breakthrough in strike dispute with employers
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Teachers' strikes in England paused for talks
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Budget speech. The Chancellor hailed ‘a British economy that is proving the doubters wrong’ as he set out a plan for growth under the four pillars (Enterprise, Employment, Education and Everywhere) of the government’s current growth strategy with headline measures targeted at childcare, workforce participation, pension allowances, the cost-of-living and levelling up.
Budget assessment. The Resolution Foundation set out its assessment of the Spring Budget suggesting it was ‘a much bigger affair than many had expected’ with those announcements on childcare and encouraging more people to work, but pointing to the fact that the economy remains “stuck in a deep funk,” we’ve had a disastrous decade for living standards, and taxes are on track to hit a 70 yr high by 2027/28.
Economic inactivity. The Centre for Policy Studies offered its thoughts on the current issue of economic inactivity ahead of the Budget, suggesting in a new report that while much of the focus has been on older people retiring early, a deeper concern was the rise in economic inactivity among the 18-24 age group particularly among males much of it driven by concerns about mental health, calling accordingly for a commission to look in more detail at some of the issues and possible solutions.

Spring Budget 2023. The Chancellor used his Spring Budget to commit to multi-agency support for vulnerable children in alternative provision and to announce a major package of support for childcare that would see schools offering ‘wraparound’ provision at the start and end of the day from 2026, but added nothing on teacher recruitment and retention or on settling the current wave of teacher strikes to the disappointment of many.
School closures. The government published provisional data on the number of schools closed because of strike action this week, with 47% of schools overall estimated to be fully open, 47% open but with restricted attendance and 6% closed, broadly the same on both days of action and in terms of the regional picture, London having the most closed and the East Midlands region the most fully open.
Industrial action. The NEU issued a statement about this week’s industrial action suggesting it had received wide support and calling on the government to delay no further in holding formal talks on settling issues of pay, workloads and recruitment.

Spring Budget 2023. The Chancellor used his Spring Budget Statement to make a number of announcements for the FE sector, including a new accelerated skills returnership programme to help greater workforce participation, as well as to extend devolution deals, commit to T levels and Skills Boot Camps and provide language courses under the Ukraine Scheme but disappointed many by failing to commit to additional investment.
Ofsted on apprenticeships. Amanda Spielman, Ofsted chief inspector, addressed FE Week’s Annual Apprenticeship Conference where she praised the work of many apprenticeship providers and highlighted the importance of the overall educational experience for many apprentices but pointed to continuing issues in the quality of some new providers, English and maths performance, and the need to raise achievement rates
VTQ results 2023. Ofqual added further details to its planned arrangements for ensuring ‘complete and correct’ L3 vocational and technical qualification (VTQ) results are issued this year following some issues last year, publishing a list of three completion dates and listing some additional measures such as being clear about who designated officers in schools and colleges were in case of emergency.

Spring Budget 2023 The Chancellor positioned universities as key partners in the new Investment Zones announced in the Budget while announcing support for new technologies including a new AI Research Resource but had little to say on support for students or on the future of the Horizon programme in setting out his Spring Budget.
Cost-of-living. Russell Group universities called on the government to increase student maintenance loans in line with inflation as a survey from member Student Unions revealed just over half of students surveyed were struggling financially with 18% considering dropping out.
Horizon delays. The Times Higher reported on concerns about the impact of delays and uncertainties around the UK’s potential membership of the EU’s Horizon programme, suggesting that ‘incomprehensible dithering’ could cost British science millions of pounds a day.
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On this day in 1916 Albert Einstein presented his general theory of relativity.
On this day in 1871 journalist Henry Morton Stanley began his famous expedition to Africa.
On this day in 1943 a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler by suicide bomb failed.
On this day in 1963 Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco's Bay closed down.
On this day in 1903 Niagara Falls ran out of water due to a drought.
On this day in 1965 the US confirmed its troops used chemical warfare against the Vietcong.
On this day in 1993 the Intel Corporation produced the first Pentium microprocessor.
On this day in 1743 George Frideric Handel's oratorio 'Messiah' premiered at the Royal Opera House in London.
On this day in 1919 Benito Mussolini founded the Italian Fascist party.
On this day in 1998 James Cameron’s 'Titanic' won 11 Academy Awards.

On this day in 1603 Queen Elizabeth I died after a 44-year reign.
On this day in 1882 Robert Koch discovered the bacterium responsible for tuberculosis and established germ theory.
On this day in 1989 Exxon Valdez ran aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska causing one of the worst oil spills in history.
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