Three of the week's headlines ...
Office for Students chair didn't know he was sharing platform with far-right journalist.
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Eight universities under investigation for giving students poor quality degrees.
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Cost of living: It's become school's job to help families.
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Three pieces of policy news - by phase

Mental health survey. The mental health charity MIND reported on its survey among grandparents and parents about young people’s mental health with 30% of the former saying it is now their biggest concern for their grandchildren and with the charity calling for much greater support through Family Hubs.
Future labour market. The government published the first of its commissioned Skills Unit horizon scanning reports into the future of the UK labour market, looking at six sectors in particular including HE through a number of possible scenarios, highlighting the future importance of digital skills, flexible vocational pathways, and employer responsiveness and investment among other things. 
Workforce survey. PwC reported on its survey of a sample of UK workers conducted in March showing pay, hybrid working and skill levels becoming discerning factors in the workplace and with nearly 20% looking to change employer within the next year.


School system reform. The government set out an implementation plan for the next stage of its reform of the school system which would see the majority of schools in multi-academy trusts by 2030, confirming that the planned academy trust regulatory review would be published shortly, a ‘test and learn’ programme would be used to identify best practice for local authorities applying to establish trusts, and Education Investment Areas would be expected to publish local plans by the autumn.
Exam entry trends. Ofqual published provisional entry details for this summer’s GCSE, AS and A level exams showing a rise in entries in each case although less so for GCSEs but including a notable rise for AS subjects, with computing D/T, political studies, psychology, PE and business studies showing the biggest increases at A level.
Eton plans. The i-newspaper reported on its interview with Simon Henderson, the headmaster of Eton College, as he outlined plans for opening three sixth forms in less advantaged areas in the Midlands and North of England that could enable more young people to enter Oxbridge. 


Skills and Productivity. The Skills and Productivity Board published a series of final reports covering current and future skills needs, the role of skills in supporting growth in poor productivity regions, levelling up, and understanding skills taxonomies, as it handed over the research baton to the Future Skills Unit.
T level Transition Programme. The government published the results from a commissioned report into the early delivery of the T level Transition Programme which was phased in across three routes from September 2020 and clearly made more difficult with the onset of the pandemic but finding many positives from both providers and learners albeit with occasional struggles over English and maths and progression evident to a range of options rather than just T levels. 
Funding matters. The Association of Colleges (AoC) called in an open letter to the Education Secretary for urgent funding support including a rate premium for priority courses, a rate increase for adult learning, flexibility over the funded extra hours, and a pay rise of 2.25%, as colleges enter a difficult round of pay, staffing and reform pressures. 


Quality investigations. The Office for Students (OfS) announced it was launching investigations into business and management courses at eight unnamed colleges and universities, to see whether they met OfS’s new conditions for quality.
Modern universities. MillionPlus published a new report outlining the importance of the work of modern universities particularly in the context of levelling up and their feed in to local labour markets calling among other things for maintenance grants and fee loan forgiveness schemes to support local graduate employment. 
International Education. The government reported on progress being made in its International Education Strategy outlining continuing activity under each heading including those added last year with the majority of activities including the visa offer, a review of the experience of international students, and further work around the ELT sector, set for further review early next year.
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Latest research, reports and studies
Top-rated educational maths apps may not be best for children's learning | Nuffield Foundation 
What Donaldson taught us: reflections on early years and education reform | Nesta 
Local learning: Place-based insight on what works to drive up essential skills participation | Learning & Work Institute 
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Top-rated educational maths apps may not be best for children's learning | IOE 
Tales from REF Central: Reflections from REF results week | HEPI 
Is it still internationalisation? Thoughts on Chinese students pursuing postgraduate degrees in education in the UK | BERA 
Research into the T Level Transition Programme | NFER 
The UK continues to be a top destination for study, with applications set to rise by almost 50% within five years | UCAS 
Report: Digging in? The changing tenure of UK vice-chancellors | HEPI 
Career readiness: Helping to better prepare young people for working life | OECD 
Evaluation of a social skills program for early elementary students: We Have Skills | Best Evidence In Brief 
HE education research census 2022 | BERA 
What works for students with mathematics difficulties? | Best Evidence In Brief 
New episode of 'Evidence into Action': Supporting pupils during exams | Education Endowment Foundation 
Practitioner research: insights and inspiration from those who have done it | Education & Training Foundation 
Pioneering study reveals teaching techniques which boost exam performance | Nuffield Foundation 
Our changing nature: Education in a hybrid world | OECD 
What is the role of the arts and humanities in the UK research policy landscape? | HEPI 
Research: Why, how and with whom do children read? | Schools Week 
Why is a diverse sector focused on such limited narratives of research success? | Wonkhe 
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Three interesting daily facts
On this day in 1381 the Peasants’ Revolt began.
On this day in 1431 Joan of Arc was burned at the stake at Rouen by the English.
On this day in 1536 Jane Srymour became Henry VIII’s third wife.
On this day in 1669 Samuel Pepys concluded his diary because of fears about his eyesight.
On this day in 1859 the chimes of Big Ben in London, rang out for the first time.
On this day in 1927 after more than 15 million had been made, the last Ford Model T rolled off the production line.
On this day in 1533 Anne Boleyn was crowned Queen of England.
On this day in 1880 the first public telephone box went into service in the US.
On this day in 1994 South Africa re-joined the Commonwealth after 33 years.
On this day in 1875 Alexander Graham Bell made his first sound transmission.
On this day in 1946 Italy was proclaimed a republic.
On this day in 1952 Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.
On this day in 1937 the former Edward VIII married American Divorcee Wallis Simpton.
On this day in 1956 third-class travel ceased on Britain’s railways.
On this day in 1989 the Chinese army moved tanks into Tiananmen Square, Beijing, to crush democracy protests.
On this day in 1913 the suffragette Emily Davison was fatally injured when she ran in front of King George V’s horse at the Epsom Derby.
On this day in 1944 Rome was taken by Allied forces.
On this day in 1970 Tonga, a protected state since 1900, gained its independence from Britain.
On this day in 1661 Isaac Newton was admitted as a student to Trinity College, Cambridge.
On this day in 1975 the Suez Canal was reopened by Egypt after being closed since the Six Day War, which began on the same date in 1967.
On this day in 1977 one of the first personal computers, the Apple II, went on sale.
Awareness days from around the world

Mental Health Month, Smile Month (Monday May 16 to Wednesday June 15), Tourettes Awareness Month, Walking Month, Share a Story Month, Big Asthma Bake Sale, Make May Purple/Action on Stroke Month, Local and Community History Month.
Maternal Mental Health Month, May Measure Month, Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Bladder Cancer Awareness Month, Zombie Awareness Month, Clean Air Month, Teen Self Esteem Month, Better Speech and Language Month, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Awareness Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month, Prader-Willi Syndrome Awareness Month, Lupus Awareness Month, Military Appreciation Month, Deck Safety Month, Bike Month, Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Get Caught Reading Month, Hamburger Month, Golf Month, Photography Month, Barbecue Month.


Step Up for 30 for Bowel Cancer, SANDS (Stillbirth and neonatal death) Awareness Month, National Candy Month, My Marathon, 

Pride Month, Care for Your Grandparents Month, International Mud Month, Audiobook Month.

Guitars On The Beach Month, PTSD Awareness Month,Candy Month, Soul Food Month, Great Outdoors Month, Country Cooking Month, Dairy Month, Camping Month, Iced Tea Month.

The Big Jubilee Lunch (UK), BBQ Week (Monday May 30 to Sunday June 05), Children’s Gardening Week (UK), Volunteers Week (UK), Massage at Work Week (UK), British Tomato Fortnight (second week).

Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Day (UK), World MS Day (International), Memorial Day (US), Water a Flower Day (US), Mint Julep Day (US), Loomis Day (US).

Melanoma BRAF Awareness Day (UK), World No Tobacco Day (International), Memorial Day (US), Web Designer Day (US), Save Your Hearing Day (US), Macaroon Day (US).

International Children’s Day (International), Global Day of Parents (International), World Milk Day (International), International Tabletop Day (International) World Hypoparathyroidism Day (International), Global Running Day (International), Dinosaur Day (US), Olive Day (US), Go Barefoot Day (US), Say Something Nice Day (US).

Rocky Road Day (US), Rotisserie Chicken Day (US), Leave The Office Early Day (US), 

World Bicycle Day (International), Insect Repellent Awareness Day (International), World Cider Day (International), Donut Day (US), Chocolate Macaroon Day (US), Repeat Day (US), Chimborazo Day (US).

Corgi Day (International), Cognac Day (US), Old Maids Day (US), Tailors Day (US) Cheese Day (US), Hug Your Cat Day (US), Trails Day (US), Bubbly Day (US).

World Environment Day (International), Moonshine Day (US), Hot Air Balloon Day (US), HIV Long-Term Survivors Day (US) Gingerbread Day (US), Veggie Burger Day (US), Sausage Roll Day (US), Cancer Survivors Day (US).
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