Three of the week's headlines ...
Kit Malthouse drawing up plans to end 25-year ban on new grammar schools.
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Schools offered meetings with education officers re tackling persistently absent students.
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School energy support not enough to solve crisis, head warns.
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Three pieces of policy news - by phase
Most policy activity has been on hold given the week of national mourning, although education did gain a new minister with the appointment of Jonathan Gullis as Under-secretary at the DfE. Other education-related news has largely concerned the economy. The full version of Steve Besley's Education Eye can be accessed here.

Energy Relief Scheme. The government announced further details of its much-vaunted Energy Bill Relief Scheme for businesses, charities and public sector bodies like schools, which will see a discount applied on current wholesale gas and electricity prices, ’running for an initial six-month period to 31 March 2023.’
Global education. The UN Secretary-General highlighted the critical role that education plays in developing young people and nations as he addressed the UN Summit on Education, listing five priorities for the future including: access for all, quality teachers, schools as places of safety, digital provision, and investment.
Insulation challenge. The IPPR think tank called on the government to adopt a major (£7bn pa) retrofitting programme for the country’s cold and leaky houses, arguing this would generate jobs and ultimately save money but equally would require a major programme of skills training to meet the skills needs required.

Teacher recruitment and retention. The House of Commons Library Service published a useful briefing on teacher recruitment and retention running though recent initiatives to improve things in both cases, but pointing to the continuing demands of the job and the likelihood that things will remain challenging.
Education recovery. The Education Policy Institute reported on its roundtable held with the Publishers Association a couple of months ago looking into how best to aid education recovery, highlighting the importance of educational technology in helping catch-up but recognising that this could be hampered by a continuing digital divide.
Teacher attrition. The NFER compared leaving rates among teachers in England with those in Wales to see how far different national policies or other factors played a part, concluding that while generally lower in Wales, different economic and contextual factors made direct comparisons difficult. 
Levy reforms. The EDSK think tank examined the impact of the apprenticeship levy on skills training so far, outlining some of the current issues such as the way its been used to rebadge existing training rather than invest in specific skills, calling for a more coherent approach to skills training including a wider Apprenticeships and Skills Levy, devolved local skills funding, and a new entitlement to paid training leave.
College strikes. The Guardian argued in an Editorial that while strikes are not always desirable, colleges and college staff in particular have had a raw deal when it comes to funding and if the government was serious about economic growth they should invest in the skills sector. 
L/D and Social Mobility. The TrainingZone in conjunction with the OU published a new report looking at ways in which learning and development (L/D,) either through reskilling or personalised learning, could help support social mobility and organisational efficiency. 
Clearing update. UCAS provided an Update on acceptances to university this year one month on from the summer results day, showing a one percent increase on last year in accepted places including record numbers of 18 year-olds from disadvantaged areas but also a high number of young people still to be placed. 
Uni Connect. The Office for Students (OfS) reported on the second phase of its Uni Connect programme designed to bring HE providers together in local partnerships with schools to encourage more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to apply, showing an increasing range of activities and outreach work over the year 2020/21 with nearly 3,000 schools and colleges involved and over 180,000 ‘target learners’ participating at some point.
AI scholarships. The Office for Students launched a further funding competition for scholarships for students, particularly those from diverse backgrounds, to study artificial intelligence (AI) and for data science postgrad conversion courses, with employers encouraged to co-fund where possible.
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Latest research, reports and studies
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First exam year since pandemic sees record numbers entering higher education | UCAS 
Report: Thirty years on - leadership convergence between newer and older universities | HEPI 
Changing course(s): A new vision for employer investment in skills and the apprenticeship levy | EDSK 
Ready for the weekend? How data relating to the Graduate Outcomes survey process can be used in assessing the validity of subjective wellbeing information | HESA 
The rate at which pupils left the state-funded mainstream school sector fell during the pandemic (but not among pupils with EHC plans) | FFT Education Datalab 
Educators learning through communities of philosophical enquiry | BERA 
Report: Comparative analysis of teacher attrition rates in England and Wales | NFER
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Monday 26 September: ASCL Data and Regulation Conference | ASCL (Central London)
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Tuesday 27 September: The Data Futures Breakdown 2022 | Inside Government (Online Event)
Tuesday 27 September: Child Protection in Education - London | Optimus Education (Central London)
Wednesday 28 September: Online Training Course: Managing R&I Performance, Metrics and Outputs | Inside Government
Thursday 29 September: Equalities Conference 2022 - Intersectionality - Who Do You Think You Are?  | NAHT (Online Event)
Thursday 29 September: AELP ED&I Summit | AELP (Central London)
Thursday 29 September: Child Protection in Education - Manchester | Optimus Education (Manchester)
Thursday 29 September: RSHE Digital Masterclass: Whole-school approach | Optimus Education (Online Event)

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Three interesting daily facts
On this day in 1580 Sir Francis Drake completed his circumnavigation of the globe, sailing into Plymouth aboard the Golden Hind.
On this day in 1665 the Great Plague of London reached its height, with 7,165 people dying throughout the previous week.
On this day in 1907 New Zealand changed from a colony to an independent dominion.
On this day in 1066 William the Conqueror’s troops set sail from Normandy.
On this day in 1779 the second US president, John Adams, negotiated Revolutionary War peace terms with Great Britain.
On this day in 1888 the Central News Agency received a letter signed by Jack the Ripper, triggered by the murders in the East End. It was assumed to be a hoax. He went on to kill his third and fourth victims two days later.
On this day in 1542 explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo discovered California, at San Diego Bay, naming it San Miguel and claiming it for Spain.
On this day in 1745 God Save the King was sung for the first time at Drury Lane Theatre.
On this day in 1928 Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin.
On this day in 1608 Captain Christopher Newport arrived in Virginia, for a second time, with supplies from England for colonists.
On this day in 1829 the Metropolitan Police was founded by a Bill introduced by Sir Robert Peel.
On this day in 1923 Britain began to govern Palestine under a mandate from the League of Nations.
On this day in 1399 King Richard II was deposed by Henry Bolingbroke (King Henry IV).
On this day in 1868 Spain’s Queen Isabella was deposed and fled to France.
On this day in 1898 the city of New York was established.
On this day in 1569 the Duke of Norfolk was arrested by Queen Elizabeth I for conspiring to marry Mary Queen of Scots.
On this day in 1908 Henry Ford’s Model T went on sale, with a price tag of $850.
On this day in 1949 the People’s Republic of China was formed with Mao Zedong as its head.
On this day in 1492 King Henry VII of England invaded France.
On this day in 1836 after five years at sea, naturalist Charles Darwin returned to England aboard the HMS Beagle.
On this day in 1909 Twickenham staged its first rugby match, between Harlequins and Richmond.
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Bullying Prevention Month, Global Diversity Awareness Month, School Libraries Month, Walk to School Month, The Big Draw, Fair Trade Month, World Animal Month, World Autism Month, World Habitat Awareness Month, World Menopause Month, ADHD Awareness Month, AIDS Awareness Month, Blindness Awareness Month, Bat Appreciation Month, Dyslexia Awareness Month, CMT Awareness Month, Family History Month, Halloween Safety Month, Healthy Lung Month, Health Literacy Month, Dysautonomia Awareness Month, Celebrate the Bilingual Child Month, Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Eat Better-Eat Together Month, Emotional Wellness Month, Head Start Awareness Month, Long Term Care Planning Month, Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, Critical Illness Awareness Month, Liver Awareness Month, Spina Bifida Awareness Month, Prenatal-onset GBS Disease Recognition Month, Rett Syndrome Awareness Month, 
Canadian Library Month, LGBTQ+ History Month, Cyber Security Awareness Month, Depression Education and Awareness Month, Dental Hygiene/Orthodontic Health Month, Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, Pet Wellness Month, Physical Therapy Month, Work and Family Month, Indigenous Peoples Month, Polish American Heritage Month, Italian-American Heritage Month, German-American Heritage Month, Filipino American History Month, Pasta Month, Pescatarian Month, Pizza Month, Disability Employment Awareness Month, Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month, American Cheese Month, American Pharmacists Month, Country Music Month, Awareness Month, Church Library Month, Contact Lens Safety Month, Eye Injury Prevention Month, Financial Planning Month, Hog Out Month, Animal Safety and Protection Month, Apple Month, Caramel Month, Chili Month, Chiropratic Month, Cookbook Month, Cookie Month, Audiology Awareness Month, Dessert Month, Ergonomics Month, Medical Librarians Month, Non-GMO Month, Pickled Petters Month, Pitbull Awareness Month, Pretzel Month, Protect Your Hearing Month, Sausage Month, Squirrel Awareness Month, Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15).
Walk Your Dog Week (UK), FSC Forest Week (UK), Mental Health Awareness Week (International), International Babywearing Week (International), Family Week (International), Elderly Filipino Week (US).

Rosh Hashanah (Religious – Jewish), Mysore Dasara (Religious – Hindu), Navratri (Religious – Hindu), Day of Praise and Worship (Religious – Christian), European Day of Languages (EU), International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons (UN), World Day of Migrants and Refugees (International), World Contraception Day (International), Family and Community Day (US), Compliance Officer Day (US), Amanda Day (US), Pancake Day (US), Johnny Appleseed Day (US), Human Resource Professional Day (US), Shamu the Whale Day (US), Chimichanga Day (US), Dumpling Day (US), Alpaca Day (US), Hari Day (US), Better Breakfast Day (US), Dominion Status Day (US), Love Note Day (US), Lumberjack Day (US). 

Rosh Hashanah (Religious – Jewish), Navratri (Religious – Hindu), World Tourism Day (UN), Morning Show Hosts Day (US), No Excuses Day (US), Chocolate Milk Day (US), Crush a Can Day (US), Corned Beef Hash Day (US), Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (US), Ancestor Appreciation Day (US), Day of the French Community (US), AJ Day (US), Scarf Day (US).

Gedaliah Fast (Religious – Jewish), Navratri (Religious – Hindu), International Day for Universal Access to Information (UN), World Rabies Day (UN), World School Milk Day (International), International Right to Know Day (International), International Poke Day (International), Teachers’ Day (Taiwan), St Wenceslas Day/Statehood Day (US), Self-Awareness Day (US), North Carolina Day (US), Drink Beer Day (US), Women’s Health and Fitness Day (US), Fish Tan floorshow Night (US), Chris Day (US), Good Neighbour Day (US), Strawberry Cream Pie Day (US).
Michaelmas (Religious – Catholic), Navratri (Religious – Hindu), International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste Reduction (UN), World Maritime Day (UN), World Heart Day (International), Confucius Day (International), Police Remembrance Day (US), Carson Day (US), Silent Movie Day (US), VFW Day (US), Happy Goose Day (US), Attend your Grandchild’s Birth Day (US), Coffee Day (US), Starbucks Day (US), Biscotti Day (US).
Navratri (Religious – Hindu), Sporting Heritage Day (UK),Non-Speaking/Non-Verbal Awareness Day (UK),  International Translation Day (UN), World’s Biggest Coffee Morning (International), Thunderbirds Day (International), International Day of Podcasts (International), Blasphemy Rights Day (International), German Butterbrot Day (Germany), Botswana Day (Africa), Orange Shirt Day (Canada), Martyr’s Day (China), Save the Koala Day (US), German Sandwich Day (US), Puppy Mill Survivor Day (International), Pet Tricks Day (US), Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day (US), Ask a Stupid Question Day (US), Hot Mulled Cider Day (US), Mud Pack Day (US), Love People Day (US), Chewing Gum Day (US), Sport Purple for Platelets Day, Rumi Day (US).

Navratri (Religious – Hindu), Durga Puja (Religious – Hindu), Lincolnshire Day (UK), Bookshop Day (UK), International Day of Older Persons (UN), World Ballet Day (International) World Sake Day (International), Cyprus Independence Day (Cyprus), Astronomy Day (International), Raccoon Appreciation Day (International), Coffee Day (International), Music Day (International), World Vegetarian Day (International), Balloons Around the World Day (International), World Card Making Day (International), Teachers’ Day (Uzbekistan), Dia del Pasillo Ecuatoriano (Ecuador), Nigeria Independence Day (Africa), Tuvalu Independence Day (Tuvalu), Chinese National Day (US), Model T Day (US), Fire Pup Day (US), Lace Day (US), Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta (US), Frugal Fun Day (US), Pup Day (US), Homemade Cookies Day (US), Hair Day (US), CD Player Day (US), Black Dog Day (US).
Navratri (Religious – Hindu), Maha Saptami (Religious – Hindu), The London Marathon (UK), Police Memorial Day (UK), International Day of Non-Violence (UN), Grandparents’ Day (International), Audiophile Day (International), Guardian Angels Day (International), World Farm Animals Day (International), Guinea Independence Day (Guinea), Batik Day (Indonesia), Change a Light Day (US), Name Your Car Day (US), Fried Scallops Day (US), Michelle Day (US), Custodial Worker Recognition Day (US). 
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