Three of the week's headlines ...
Schools across England are being forced to keep the heating off  ‘until it’s freezing’ and increase class sizes to save money.
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One hundred universities in the UK have pledged to divest from fossil fuels, equating to 65% of the country’s HE sector.
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New guidance warns schools not to penalise or exclude pupils for wearing hair in natural afro styles, plaits, braids or cornrows.
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Three pieces of policy news - by phase
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As your starter for ten we've chosen three items from each phase to include below ...

New PM’s speech. Rishi Sunak outlined the challenges facing the government and the country as he addressed the nation for the first time as PM, confirming a commitment to stick to the 2019 mandate with its pledge on ‘good schools’ among other things.
What school did you go to? The Sutton Trust provided its regular analysis of the education background of the new Cabinet noting that 61% were educated at fee paying schools and 23% went to a comprehensive, with Oxbridge remaining the top HE route for many. 
People profession 2022. The CIPD in conjunction with Workday published its latest snapshot from those in HR highlighting the work of the profession in supporting employee welfare and pointing to the prioritisation by companies on reskilling and upskilling as they seek to build momentum post-pandemic.
Funding crisis. Leading education bodies called in an open letter to Conservative MPs to acknowledge the extent of the funding crisis currently affecting schools and colleges, and urging them to put pressure on the new PM to commit to meeting funding needs.
School funding. The Education Policy Institute published its assessment of the current school funding situation based on IfS analysis, concluding that costs and inflation meant that the current funding settlement would continue to leave schools short and disadvantaged groups vulnerable.
And more on funding. The Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) published the results of a survey of over 600 school and college leaders with 60% reporting that they’d have to make savings both this year and into the future with class sizes and staff numbers both in the firing line.
Post-16 funding. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IfS) considered the latest position on post-16 funding acknowledging that the government had increased funding for both FE colleges and sixth forms for 2023/4 but pointing to the fact that inflation, rising costs, catch-up demands, pay expectations, and increased numbers of young people staying on in education were all adding to the pressures, with the prospect of future cuts very worrying. 
Skills report. The Council of Skills Advisers, set up by Keir Starmer last autumn under the stewardship of David Blunkett to provide policy recommendations for the Labour Party on the issue of skills, published its report, coming up with over 20 proposals, some more familiar than others, covering everything from early years to adult and lifelong learning.
T levels review. Ofsted published an interim report on the new T levels, drawing on evidence from visits to 24 providers and finding at this early stage a mixed picture with some concerns about how well prepared staff and students were for the demands of the work and some particular concerns about the Transition Programme, pointing to recommendations for all bodies accordingly.
University applications. UCAS reported on 2023 applications as of the mid-October deadline, pointing to ‘a slight fall’ in numbers so far including among disadvantaged UK 18-year-olds as well as international students, with the return of formal exams and concerns about the cost-of-living both seen as factors.
Strike action. The University and College Union (UCU) reported on the results of its latest ballots over strike action, pointing to a majority in both the pay and pension ballots, and confirming that a plan for action would be determined next week.
Student satisfaction. The Office for Students (OfS) spelt out the changes being made as part of ‘the shake-up’ of the National Student Survey which will include now a question on mental health as well as (in England) on freedom of expression along with a clearer form of responding.
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Latest research, reports and studies
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Parliament and elsewhere
Deadline day for 2023 secondary school applications (Monday 31 October).
Westminster Hall Debate on ‘RE in modern Britain’ (Tuesday 1 November).
New Statesman debate on skills and productivity (Tuesday 1 November).
Westminster Hall debate on the contribution of international students to the UK (Wednesday 2 November).
Events and CPD opportunities
Monday 31 October: Immigration & Student Visa Webinar | AoC (online event)
Tuesday 2501 November: 
Next steps for Alternative Provision and tackling school exclusions in England | Westminster Forum Projects (online conference)
Tuesday 01 November: Leading On - The Future of the School Sixth Form: What do I need to know? | ASCL (online event)
Wednesday 02 November: Leading On - The Road to Zero Exclusions
| ASCL (webinar)
Wednesday 02 November: Conversations For Change: The Future Of Education For Global Climate Justice | UKFIET (in-person event in Central London)
Thursday 03 November: Leading On - Pastoral Care for Schools in the 21st Century | ASCL (online event)
Thursday 03 November: SET Conference 2022 | SET (one day conference in Birmingham)
Thursday 03 November: Trust Leaders: Executive Programme | Leading resource deployment (Module 4) | ASCL (one-day in-person session in Birmingham)
Thursday 03 November: RSHE Digital Masterclass: Effective subject leadership | Optimus Education (Online Event)

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Three interesting daily facts
On this day in 1815 Sir Humphrey Davy patented the miner’s safety lamp.
On this day in 1933 the carving of the heads of four US presidents on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota was completed.
On this day in 1951 Britain’s first zebra crossings were introduced.
On this day in 1512 the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo, was exhibited to the public for the first time.
On this day in 1695 the Bank of Scotland was founded.
On this day in 1755 an earthquake and tsunami destroyed Lisbon, killing more than 60,000 people.
On this day in 1859 American abolitionist John Brown was sentenced to hang after being found guilty of murder, inciting slaves to revolt, and treason against the Virginia territory during his raid of Harpers Ferry Armory.
On this day in 1880 James A Garfield was elected the 20th US President.
On this day in 1917 the Balfour Declaration conveyed the British government’s approval of establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
On this day in 1394 Jews were expelled from France by Charles VI.
On this day in 1534 parliament passed the Act of Supremacy, making King Henry VIII and all subsequent monarchs the Head of the Church of England.
On this day in 1640 the English Long Parliament formed.
On this day in 1843 a two-day operation to haul the statue of Nelson to the top of  the170ft column in Trafalgar Square was completed.
On this day in 1922 Howard Carter found the entrance to the tomb of Tutankhamen.
On this day in 2008 Barack Obama became the first US president of African-American descent.
On this day in 1854 French and British forces defeated the Russians at the Battle of Inkerman, during the Crimean War.
On this day in 1991 newspaper publisher Robert Maxwell disappeared from his yacht Lady Ghislaine off Tenerife.
On this day in 2006 former ruler of Iraq Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death.
On this day in 1429 the seven-year-old Henry VI was crowned King of England.
On this day in 1844 Spain granted the Dominican Republic independence.
On this day in 1999 Australians voted in a referendum to reject replacing the Queen as head of state.
Awareness days from around the world
Bereaved Siblings Month,  Movember 2022 - Men's Health Awareness MonthMouth Cancer Action Month 2022Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month 2022Veg Pledge 2022
Lung Cancer Awareness Month,  Novel Writing MonthPancreatic Cancer Awareness Month 2022
Veg Pledge 2022
Adopt a Turkey Month, Adopt A Senior Pet Month Bladder Health MonthAdoption MonthAlzheimer's Disease Awareness Month,  American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, Career Development MonthChildren’s Month, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Awareness MonthConsciousness Month for Punctuality and Civility, COPD Awareness Month, Diabetes Month, Diabetic Eye Disease MonthEntrepreneurship MonthFamily Caregivers Month,  Family Literacy Month, Family Stories MonthFilipino Values MonthFun with Fondue Month, Gluten-Free Diet Awareness MonthGratitude MonthHome Care and Hospice MonthImpotency MonthInspirational Role Models Month, Islamophobia Awareness MonthLibrary and Information Services MonthLong-term Care Awareness MonthManatee Awareness Month Marrow Awareness MonthMilitary Family MonthMovemberNational Native American Heritage MonthPeanut Butter Lovers Month, Pepper MonthNational Pet Cancer Awareness Month,  Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation MonthNational Pomegranate Month, Prevent a Litter MonthRaisin Bread MonthRepair Done Right MonthRice Awareness MonthRoasting MonthScholarship MonthNo-Shave NovemberPet Diabetes Month, PTA Healthy Lifestyles MonthStomach Cancer Awareness MonthTraditional and Alternative Health Month 
Philippine Book Development Month (Philippines).
International Brain Tumour Awareness Week (29 Oct 2022 to 5 Nov 2022), World Communication Week (International), National Fig Week (US),  Medical Cannabis Week (US), Pushkar Camel Fair Pushkar (India).
From Sunday (all US): Benjamin Banneker Week, Dear Santa Letter Week, Drowsy Driving Prevention WeekAnimal Shelter Appreciation WeekRad Tech WeekRadiologic Technology Week

Samhain (Religious: Pagan and Wiccan – evening of 31 October to evening of 01 November), Halloween, World Cities DayWorld Savings Day
Bug Busting Day
Magic Day, Girl Scout Founder’s Day, Caramel Apple Day, Doorbell Day, Knock-Knock Jokes Day. 
October Bank Holiday (Ireland)Reformation Day 2022 (Religious: Protestant Christian festival in Germany, Slovenia and Chile).

All Saints' Day (Religious: Catholic/Christian), Samhain (Religious: Pagan and Wiccan), World Vegan Day 2022Scented Candle Day, Prime Meridian Day , Special Interest, Educational, Environment, HistoricalInternational Pet Groomer Appreciation Day 
Purple TuesdayCalan Gaeaf (Wales).
Cook For Your Pets Day, Authors’ Day, D. Hamilton Jackson Day,  Deep Fried Clams Day, Family Literacy Day, Vinegar Day, Hello Kitty Day, ​Calzone Day, Extra Mile Day , Food & Beverage, Biologic Coordinators Day, Brush Day, Cinnamon Day, Men Make Dinner Day, Jayden Day, Mia Day, Autistics Speaking Day, Biologic Coordinators Day, Calzone Day, Cinnamon DayPâté DayStress Awareness Day
Anniversary of the Revolution (Algeria), Antigua Independence Day  (Antigua), 
Melbourne Cup Day (Australia), Haryana Day (India), Kannada Rajyothsava (India), Kut (India),
Puducherry Liberation Day (India), Marlborough Anniversary Day (New Zealand).


All Souls Day (Religious – Catholic and Christian), Feast of St. Giusto (Religious – Christian), International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists, World Ballet Day.
Advent Calendar DayArrival of Indentured Labourers, Be the Impact Day, Broadcast Traffic Professionals Day, Deviled Egg Day, Dynamic Harmlessness Day, Look for Circles Day, Ohio Day, Stress Awareness Day,  Traffic Directors Day, 
Kannada Rajyothsava (India)Kut (India), Day of the Dead (Mexico),

International Stout Day 
No Dig Day,
Men Make Dinner Day (Must Cook. No BBQ Allowed!), Homemaker Day, Housewife’s Day, Sandwich Day, Cliche DayGive Someone a Dollar Day, Jellyfish Day, Project Management Day, Separation DaySmart Home Day.
UAE Flag Day (UAE), Dominican Independence Day, Independence of Cuenca, Japanese Culture Day 
Maldives Victory Day, Thanksgiving (Liberia). 

Roast Dinner Day
Candy Day, Chicken Lady Day, Love Your Lawyer Day, Day of Community ServiceEasy-Bake Oven DayJersey Friday, Melanie DayFountain Pen Day, Use Your Common Sense Day, Waiting for the Barbarians Day 
National Unity and Armed Forces Day (Italy), Flag Day in Panama, Russia's Day of Unity 

International Stout DayWorld Numbat Day, World Tsunami Awareness Day (UN)
Guy Fawke's NightBonfire Night, Gunpowder Day.
Bison Day, Doughnut Appreciation Day, Chinese Take Out Day, Erik Day, Love Your Red Hair Day, Luke Day, Redhead Day 
Environment Conflict Day (UN), World Let’s Stop Shouting Day, International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict ,
Nachos Day, Saxophone Day, Daylight Savings End, Marooned Without a Compass Day, Ladies Learning Code Day, Michele Day, Report Home Health Care Fraud Day, Saxophone Day, Team Manager Day, Zero Tasking Day
Day of Liberation of Kyiv (Ukraine).
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