Three of the week's headlines ...
Jeremy Hunt announces £2.3bn per year boost for state schools.
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Two more strike days announced for Scottish schools.
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Pupils going without hot meals due to a catering staff recruitment crisis.
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Three pieces of policy news - by phase
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Autumn Statement. The Treasury published the range of documents to accompany the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement which saw additional money go into the NHS and schools but recognise that we were already in a recession and likely to remain so for at least a year.
Economic Outlook. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) published its economic and fiscal outlook accompanying the Autumn Statement, highlighting the shocks and risks that the UK economy was facing and pointing notably to the huge rise in borrowing costs and increase in tax burden as a result.
IfS reaction. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IfS) set out its initial reaction to the Autumn Statement pointing to the worries around borrowing, the tightening of household budgets and the challenges around public finances.
Teachers’ pay. The Education Secretary called on the Pay Review Body ‘to strike a careful balance’ over pay increases, value for money, affordability, and economic conditions, as she invited them to consider the pay award for teachers next year along with views on career reform.
Language teaching. The government announced a new push on language teaching as it pledged a small pot of money (£14.9m over 3 years) for the creation of a Centre of Excellence to major on the teaching of German with support from a string of Language Hubs.
Ofsted inspections. Parentkind, the parent/teacher body, published a set of responses from Ofsted following its recent Q/A with them covering a range of questions on such matters as how schools should prepare for an inspection and what Ofsted looks for in provision for more able pupils, that hadn’t been answered because of a lack of time.
Future strategy. The Association of Colleges (AoC) published a commissioned report into how the college system should operate in the future, building on previous work to propose a more collaborative tertiary model with a clear mandate, simplified mechanics and a focus on ‘serving society, the economy and individuals.’
Ballot result. The NEU reported that staff who work in sixth form colleges in England have rejected the latest pay offer of a broad 5% plus with 8% plus for those on pay points 1 and 2, voting instead for strike action.
Apprenticeships.  Apprenticeship providers, employers and others were invited to offer their thoughts on what training they might need under the next phase of the Apprenticeship Workforce Development (AWP) which will be delivered by the Education and Training Foundation in conjunction with leading FE bodies.
New minister’s speech. Rob Halfon made his first speech as HE minister when he addressed the Times Higher Ed Conference, setting out what he saw as the three core purposes of 21stc universities (skills, jobs, and social justice) laced with familiar references to degree apprenticeships, employability and value for money.
International HE. Former Universities Minister Chris Skidmore launched a new International HE Commission which he will Chair and which will work across the sector to help develop a new ‘International Education Strategy Mark 2’ to be presented to the government as an attractive vision for the future.
Consultation response. The Russell Group published its response to the Office for Students (OfS) consultation on regulating access and opportunity in HE which closed last week, acknowledging the importance of the issues, pointing to the work they’re already doing but calling for a proportionate and strategic approach for the long-term. 

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Parliament and elsewhere
CBI Annual Conference (Monday 21 – Tuesday 22 November).
Education Committee witness session with the Ofsted Chief Inspector (Tuesday 22 November).
Release of the 2022 multiplication tables check results (Thursday 24 November).
Res Publica’s Lifelong Learning Commission in conversation with Sir Philip Augar (Thursday 24 November).
University strike action set to begin (Thursday 24 November to Friday 25 November).
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Monday 21 November: Student Governor Induction | AoC (online event)
Monday 21 November: Regional Governor Induction - North  | AoC (online conference) 
Tuesday 22 November: Effective Deployment of Teaching Assistants | Inside Government (online event)
Tuesday 22 November: ASCL Autumn Leadership Conference 2022 - East Midlands | ASCL (one-day conference in the East Midlands)
Tuesday 22 November: T Level Transition Programme National Learning Event Round 3(2022) & Round 4(2023) providers| AoC (one-day event in Central London)
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Wednesday 23 November: Developing ‘high-fliers’ at the new Oxford International College in Brighton
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Wednesday 23 November: B3 Indicator Action Days: Continuation, Completion and Progression (online event) | Inside Government (online event)
Wednesday 23 November: The future of assessment in England’s secondary schools | Westminster forum Projects (online event)
Wednesday 23 November: ASCL Autumn Leadership Conference 2022 - London, South East and East of England  | ASCL (one-day conference in Central London)
Wednesday 23 November: Research Further webinar series | AoC (online event)
Thursday 24 November: B3 Indicator Action Days: Continuation, Completion and Progression (in-person event) | Inside Government (one-day event in Central London)
Thursday 24 November: T Level Transition Programme Peer Learning Network - Other Colleges/Training Providers (Group B) | AoC (online event)
Friday 25 November: ASCL Northern Ireland Annual Conference 2022 | ASCL (one-day conference in Belfast)

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Three interesting daily facts
On this day in 1818 Russia's Tsar Alexander I petitions for a Jewish state in Palestine.
On this day in 1906 China prohibited the opium trade.
On this day in 1953 experts at the Natural History Museum declared the skull of the Piltdown Man – hailed as the missing link proving an evolutionary relationship between man and the ape – a forgery.
On this day in 1963 President John F Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald while riding in an open-topped motorcade in Dallas, Texas.
On this day in 2003 England won the Rugby World Cup with a last-minute drop-goal by Jonny Wilkinson.
On this day in 2004 the Orange Revolution began in Ukraine.
On this day in 1874 the first edition of Thomas Hardy’s Far from The Madding Crowd was published.
On this day in 1952 Britain’s first pillar boxes were introduced in St Helier, Jersey.
On this day in 1963 the first episode of Doctor Who was screened by the BBC
On this day in 1642 Abel Tasman discovered Van Siemen’s Land, later renamed Tasmania.
On this day in 1859 Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species.
On this day in 1974 the most complete early human skeleton (Lucy, Australopithecus) was discovered by Donald Johanson, Maurice Taieb, Yves Coppens, and Tim White in the Middle Awash of Ethiopia’s Afar Depression.
On this day in 1120 William, heir to King Henry I, drowned in the English Channel when The White Ship capsized near the Normandy coast. The ship was transporting many nobles from France to England. Around 300 died. William’s death led to contention for the throne between his sister Matilda and cousin Stephen.
On this day in 1783 Britain evacuated New York city, its last military position in the United States.
On this day in 1897 Spain granted Puerto Rico autonomy.
On this day in 1688 French King Louis X1V declared war on the Netherlands.
On this day in 1778 British explorer Captain James Coo was the first European to visit Maui in the Sandwich Islands (now Hawaii).
On this day in 1789 The first national Thanksgiving celebration took place in America, as proclaimed by the newly elected first president George Washington.
On this day in 1870 the New York Times dubbed baseball ‘The National Game’.
On this day in 1914 two policewomen, the first to be granted official status in Britain, reported for duty in Grantham, Lincolnshire.
On this day in 1990 John Major won the Conservative Party’s leadership election, and became prime minister the next day.
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Independence Day (Lebanon).

Eat a Cranberry Day, Tie One On Day, Cashew Day, Espresso Day, Drinksgiving, Fibonacci Day.

Jain New Year, Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day, World Philosophy Day.
Thanksgiving, Turkey-free Thanksgiving, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Unthanksgiving Day, Sardines Day, Day of Mourning, Walrus Day, Durins Day, D B Cooper Day, Dog Show Broadcast, Family Health History Day, Oliver Day, Blue Christmas.

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World Olive Tree Day, International Cake Day.
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